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  Diagnose Headless Machines with Epiphan KVM2USBMEDIC LABOR s.r.o. is a Slovakia-based company that represents, sells, and supports equipment designed for analysis of solid, liquid and gas samples, as well as laboratory management information systems (LMIS). "Often, my staff and I travel to customer sites to make hardware and software adjustments," explains Mario Laszlo, Service Manager for MEDIC LABOR's Server Support group. "Many of the servers at customer sites do...  Read more »»
  Easily Administer Headless Machines with Epiphan KVM2USBEnvironment Canada, a federal government organization, is using Epiphan KVM to USB frame grabbers to help its system and network analysts perform their work more efficiently. Using KVM2USB, Environment Canada analysts can now convey VGA streams from host computers to administrator laptops while also emulating laptop keyboard and mouse outputs. “Epiphan’s KVM2USB product allows us...  Read more »»
  Easily Service Headless Machines with Epiphan KVM2USB The European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) is an international research institute for cutting-edge science with photons. The ESRF synchrotron is an ambitious project that represents technological, human and scientific challenge. Synchrotron radiation sources, which can be compared to "supermicroscopes", help to reveal invaluable information in multiple fields of research. It is a powerful instrument for resolving the structure of matter...  Read more »»
  Install Servers without the Need for DHCP Using Epiphan KVM2USBEpiphan's KVM2USB is irreplaceable for aprovider for practical solutions that enable wireless operators to offer new, revenue-generating multimedia services while leveraging their existing infrastructure.  The company's technicians use the Epiphan KVM2USB KVM switch. While at customer sites, technicians often work on Intel-based...  Read more »»
  KVM2USB Facilitates Headless Servers Managing Headless servers run without any means of input/output devices – keyboards, mice, monitors and the like. Generally these servers complete tasks that do not require a local user at the console. Yet users are not exempted from interacting with the machine. Any of the servers operating in a headless manner at any moment may require human intervention either scheduled or not. Would you like to have a small standalone device ensuring immediate and convenient...  Read more »»
  KVM2USB Helps to Maintain Operation of Satellites Onboard the ISS KVM2USB is a popular and high-performance solution that finds application in different areas. It provides a handy approach for managing “headless” solutions that run without any keyboards and other input/output devices. It is used not only to solve problems on Earth but also in space! Read on to know...  Read more »»
  KVM2USB Provides Remote Managing of Headless ServersHeadless servers usually perform tasks not requiring a local user at the console. These machines run without input/output devices – keyboard, monitor, and mouse. When it comes to interacting with the server, any IT administrator would benefit from a compact external device that provides immediate and convenient access to headless servers. There is no need for the keyboard and monitor. You even do not have to visit the server room each time you need to perform maintenance...  Read more »»
  Manage Headless Servers on a Vessel with KVM2USBBC Ferries is a company that provides service on 25 routes along the coast of British Columbia, Canada. It is the primary provider of coastal ferry transportation in the province. BC Ferries widens travel choices for users permanently improving the quality of services. It has launched the Wi-Fi pilot on some vessels making free wireless Internet available for the passengers. This makes travelling more productive for business customers who...  Read more »»
  Network Isolation for Telex Radio Control Systems using KVM2EthernetWhen Neal Butler of G-Tech Security Solutions, was looking for a way to access an isolated server of a Telex Radio Control System, he considered several solutions, including the use of a Belkin KVM  2x8 matrix switch. However, because the servers that need to be maintained during network isolations are sensitive installations, the KVM2Ethernet turned out to be the most applicable...  Read more »»
  Preview Television Captions and Graphics with Epiphan's KVM2USBMST Systems Ltd. provides official timing and data services to motorsport events throughout the UK and to leading motorsport teams at major international events. Its solutions provide realtime sports data to teams, national and international press, circuit based and TV commentators in an easily readable format. "Our solution allows television producers to add real-time captions automatically at the touch of a...  Read more »»
  Provide Technical Support on Headless Security Machines with Epiphan KVM2USBAronson Security Group (ASG) is an independent integrator of enterprise security solutions for state and local governments, healthcare providers, commercial campuses, education institutions and others. The company has developed unique perspectives on security in multiple industries that have created best practices in design and implementation. Headless systems do not need any input/output devices and operate without a monitor, mouse and keyboard. Usually they...  Read more »»