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  Broadcast and Record Presentations with Epiphan VGA Broadcaster and VGA2USB HR The Southern California Coastal Water Research Project (SCCWRP) is a research institute focusing on the coastal ecosystems of Southern California from watersheds to the ocean. The agency's goals include communicating findings to decision makers and stakeholders and suggesting strategies for protecting the coastal environment. “We hold many meetings and communicate our...  Read more »»
  Corporate Video Conferencing for Local and Remote AttendeesThe following describes how Epiphan customers are transforming their traditional audio conferencing to a high performance multi media video conferencing facility without the need to install complex systems or special network configurations. Epiphan products capture the meeting and the multi media presentations and then stream HD video to remote participants as shown below. This solution can be used from a meeting room, or your desktop. Click...  Read more »»
  Data Collection and Broadcast in Clinical Reasoning Using VGADVI Broadcaster Clinical reasoning is a dynamic process that occurs before, during, and after the collection of data through physical examination, imaging, endoscopic and laboratory tests. It is a major component of clinical competence. Studying this process is essential for better communicating the work to clients and colleagues, revealing to students the nuances of therapy that cannot be gained from texts and extending the knowledge of occupational therapy practice. A novel method of data collection...  Read more »»
  Live Streaming in Different Applications with Frame Grabbers and Video AppliancesThe Internet is considered to be one of the most successful mediums. There are applications in all possible areas you can imagine. Small businesses have already doubled their profits after expanding their business online. As for live video streaming, this technique has also had a lot to gain among the Internet’s popularity. It is so appreciated by the pros of the industry nowadays. The most up-to-date event streaming technology enables your target audience to view live events...  Read more »»
  Powerful Know-how in Industrial Fishing OperationsSophisticated fishing equipment, sonar imaging and electronic navigation systems installed on modern trawlers allow for controlling and monitoring gear, fish schools detecting, navigation and communication. Contemporary electronic equipment applied in the fishing industry has taken a giant step away from fishing rods and seines. With good reason we can say that fishermen nowadays rely entirely on diversity innovations related to this area. Fishing sonar imaging Pair...  Read more »»
  Providing Remote Visual Access to Scientific DataData sharing is principal for expedited translation of research results into knowledge, procedures and products and serves important scientific goals. Epiphan’s broadcasting appliances capture data from scientific equipment and make it available to the interested audience (researchers, students, etc.) across computer network. It is now possible to provide easy access to scientific data analysis while greatly easing the sharing of such data. Click...  Read more »»
  Recording and Streaming Radar Data with VGADVI BroadcasterNo matter with what kind of radars you are dealing - air, land or sea imaging surveillance radars, capturing and recording navigational information from this equipment is critical for all radar types. Air Traffic Control (ATC) equipment monitors the air traffic situation with the help of air traffic control radars serving as the main aircraft surveillance systems. The incoming data is often very critical for future analysis and investigation. Therefore it should be captured and...  Read more »»
  Remote Monitoring System Provides High-efficient Machinery OperationThe development of communication and network technologies has greatly improved the data transmission speed and efficiency. There are many solutions in varied industries that make plants and machinery fully automatic. Plant automation and control systems increase efficiency of the processes and help the industries to make their work more systematic. An engineer in a machinery corporation explains how Epiphan’s VGADVI...  Read more »»
  Remote Ultrasound Diagnostics Based on Broadcasting SolutionsThe new era of information technology offers great opportunities to help people reclaim their health. Some of these opportunities using the latest technological advances are based on remote viewing approach. It is evident that usage of remote access equipment in the medical field is developing extensively. Robotic surgeons, data gloves, facilities for performing virtual exams are only a few examples of how research in this area develops. Remote diagnostics, remote guidance and...  Read more »»
  Remote Video Monitoring Surveillance with VGADVI Broadcaster In view of the rapid development of the global market for remote video monitoring and surveillance (RVMaS), which refers to network camera-based solutions that allow the end user to remotely view live or recently recorded video in security and non-security related applications, modern video surveillance equipment is getting more and more sophisticated and replacing traditional bulky and complicated systems. VGADVI...  Read more »»
  Streaming Visual Data from SCADA Using VGADVI BroadcasterSCADA is an acronym for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. SCADA systems are used in energy, water and waste control, and telecommunications industries for controlling and monitoring equipments or plants. What does a typical SCADA system comprise of?  These are the components: human-machine interface (HMI), supervisory system, remote terminal units (RTUs), programmable logic controller (PLCs), and communication infrastructure. Human-Machine Interface displays all processed...  Read more »»
  Use VGADVI Broadcaster to Create a VGA, DVI, HDMI AV Extender Bridge2Epiphan VGADVI Broadcaster™ can be used as an ultra long distance VGA/DVI/HDMI display source extender. This unique solution that enables a user to propagate the DVI, HDMI1 video or VGA output from any display source to another projector or display screen equipped with a set top box, or Smart TV elsewhere. These remote displays can be in the same building, or across the internet. ...  Read more »»
  VGADVI Broadcaster Supports HD Video Imaging For Telemedicine PurposesThe concept of long distance remote control in surgery can have a number benefits. Due to an increase in the surgeons' range of ability to operate their expertise can be brought to more patients. Procedural training and expert collaborations are becoming quicker, simpler, and more effective while patient transportation costs decrease. Besides, established hospitals can provide tangible benefit to under-serviced communities. Broadcasting appliances from Epiphan contribute to stable...  Read more »»
  VGADVI Broadcaster as Video Conferencing ToolVideo conferencing is an efficient business communication tool and strategic enabler of the computer age. High-tech companies, government agencies, and multilocation companies regularly use video conferencing to share critical information, conduct training, organize meetings, and hold strategic discussions. During economic downturns and recessions, video conferencing as a competitive tool makes a strong comeback helping companies save in travel costs. Video conferencing in business...  Read more »»
  VGADVI Broadcaster Brings HD Video in TelemedicineTelemedicine encompasses methods for electronically transmitting medical information to sustain and improve a patient’s health status. These methods can include: remote monitoring of a patient’s vital signs; store-and-forward technology for images; the ability to observe, diagnose and recommend treatment via videoconference, remote control surgery. Click here for more information on VGADVI...  Read more »»
  VGADVI Broadcaster Enables Recording of Collaboration Events in the Adobe Connect Pro EnvironmentGreat projects for business are created by great meetings. In many businesses employees are scattered all over the place and it complicates meetings management. Very often we can say that they are a necessary evil although discussions can be the most profitable of all business forums. Fortunately this does not mean that all meetings should be attended in person. Online meetings and software designed for their needs are very popular with many companies today. Adobe Acrobat Connect...  Read more »»
  VGADVI Broadcaster Helps to Provide Remote Consultations to Emergency SquadsMedical imaging refers to different technologies that are used to examine the patient in order to monitor, diagnose, or treat medical conditions. Each type of technology provides different information about the area of the body being treated or studied, related to possible disease, injury, or the effectiveness of medical treatment. Medical imaging allows medical specialists to detect and diagnose disease at its earliest, most treatable stages and guides physicians and patients...  Read more »»
  VGADVI Broadcaster Integrates Operator Console Display Stream into Genetec’s Omnicast Security SystemProviding recorded surveillance video as high quality images and videos is a vital requirement for security monitoring services. However, as part of an overall security monitoring architecture, security control rooms should also capture and record display sources such as computer displays from systems under surveillance, as well as operator display consoles that are part of the security command and control system. Click...  Read more »»
  VGADVI Broadcaster is a Necessary Part of E-Learning ToolsE-learning has a number of benefits over traditional classroom training. First of all it is the flexibility and the cost savings since a learner does not have to spend excess time away from work or travel. Besides, there are other benefits, less obvious. E-learning programs are less expensive to produce. Asynchronous training programs are virtually free once you reach the break-even point. As for synchronous programs, they have continued costs because of the instructor who’s...  Read more »»
  VGADVI Broadcaster is an Efficient Corporate Communication Tool Video realizes greater information retention than other media types. Cutting-edge video and audio broadcasting equipment makes it easy for you to record and broadcast whole channels of video content. Live broadcasting gives the ability to stream live video directly from the user's computer or video capturing devices. Multiple companies can take advantage of live video broadcasting. It provides more effective corporate communication without hardware equipment upgrades or expensive...  Read more »»
  VGADVI Broadcaster Streams Visual Data from a Control Centre and Secures its LANBombardier is one of the world's leading manufacturers of innovative transportation solutions. Bombardier Transportation, a member of this group, is the global leader in the railway transport equipment manufacturing and servicing industry. Among the wide range of products it supplies, are signalling technologies and rail control systems, extensively installed across the world. The company is a significant contributor to the modernisation of major railway routes in many countries.When...  Read more »»