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  Capturing Images from Microscopes with VGADVI RecorderUsing microscopes to capture images for diagnosing multiple problems usually require proper microscope setup, appropriate specimen preparation and correct use of this equipment. Specimen preparation is an important aspect of capturing microscope images, and varies greatly with subjects. Although specific microscopes may vary in functions and operation, principles of setup and manipulation are usually similar. As with any images used for diagnoses, relative size is extremely important....  Read more »»
  Distance Learning is Closer to Reality with VGADVI RecorderTraditionally distance learning provides access to instructional programs for learners who are separated by physical location and time from an instructor. In former times distance learning has been thought of as prepackaged text, audio, and video courses taken by a student with limited interaction with a lecturer. This perspective is changing. Today the Internet and information technologies allow rich interactive distance learning experiences that are able to surpass the interactivity...  Read more »»
  Making Chemistry Screencasts in a CollegeIf you work in technical support you know that people likely ask you about the same issues over and over again. You have probably noticed that not everyone responds well to verbal instructions. Those people would appreciate if you send them a short video showing the procedure, accompanied by your comments walking through the concepts? Or what if you need to provide some quick training on a new software? A video presenting the main concepts around the topic captured by Epiphan’s...  Read more »»
  Online Software Tutorials: Recording and PublishingA software company is a producer of a drawing and graphics application. Its uses are suitable for modeling and animation. In its simplest configuration, this application can be used by anyone interested in simple modeling and/or animation. For more sophisticated users like engineers or scientists, this application can be configured to allow users to visualize and manipulate multiple mathematical models in different dimensions.Apart from developing this modeling application, the...  Read more »»
  Prepare Training Videos for Medical Imaging Equipment with VGADVI Recorder It is a common practice for the manufacturers of ultrasound and endoscopy equipment to prepare multiple supplementary materials. They are targeted for their potential customers and demonstrate them how to use this equipment. Leading professionals in these fields present training video series. In an easy-to-learn and understand style they give the customers an excellent idea of what the equipment is and help them to learn the system and how it functions. High quality of imaging...  Read more »»
  Record and Stream Presentations and Lectures with VGADVI RecorderThere are many advantages of recording presentations and lectures. They make the material available to those who were not present. Participants can be fully engaged without having to worry about taking notes. Review and reinforcement is provided for new and difficult concepts. If you make recordings available on a specialized website, it can increase its usefulness to members, and generate interest in joining the organization. There are different techniques that allow creating...  Read more »»
  Record Video Conferences without installing softwareEpiphan's recording products allow you to record audio video conferences without installing any software.  The Epiphan recorder product is connected to the audio video out from the video conference system and the device records the video conference to video files stored in the internal memory.   Record Single Display Video Conference Click here for more information...  Read more »»
  Record Video Courses for Training with VGADVI Recorder It is no wonder that manufacturers of medical imaging equipment usually create educational materials, courses and presentation. It is a common practice to communicate with potential customers, explain them the advantages of the products equipment that they sell.  Manufacturers need to demonstrate customers how to use this equipment for performing diagnostics (for example, ultrasound and endoscopy examinations) and prove why their product is better than the competitors’...  Read more »»
  Record Visual Data from SCADA SystemsSCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems are used to monitor and control equipment or plants in industries such as telecommunications, transportation, energy, water and waste control, oil and gas refining. These systems encompass the transfer of data between a SCADA central host computer and a number of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and/or Remote Terminal Units (RTUs), the central host and the operator terminals. Click...  Read more »»
  Recording and Archiving Presentations Using Epiphan VGA Recorder LiteAccenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company committed to delivering innovation. Accenture collaborates with clients to help them to enter new markets, increase revenues in existing markets, improve operational performance and deliver their products and services more effectively and efficiently. As businesses are expanding and companies grow larger, it is important to make sure...  Read more »»
  Recording Lectures and Other Educational Content with VGADVI Recorder Video and audio recording of lectures is not a new phenomenon any more. Different video recording appliances have been used to deliver lectures or other educational content. Significant recent advances in image capturing technology have led to a growing interest in the use of lecture recordings in education. Nowadays lecture capture has become of interest to the wider education community. Improved capabilities of Internet connections allow recording to be delivered as digital...  Read more »»
  Synchronous Recording of ATC Data with VGADVI Recorder Air Traffic Control (ATC) equipment enables the controllers to monitor the air traffic situation. The main component of this high-precision equipment is the air traffic control radar system.  The systems capturing and recording radar data allow an operator to display and replay the incoming information in an effective format. Radar is the main aircraft surveillance system that can be found almost at any ATC system. The ATC system receives critical support from multiple...  Read more »»
  VGA Recorder Lite is used to Broadcast a Conference from Military Campus Omnix Media Networks is the leading integrator for high-end Video systems in the Middle East. The company provides the industry's most advanced audio and video technology, maximum flexibility, input and output connectivity and robust management tools designed to fit even the most demanding environments. Omnix used Epiphan’s VGA Recorder Lite to implement a distant lecturing system. Jack Tadros, system design engineer in Omnix, explains:...  Read more »»
  VGADVI Recorder - Flexible and Reliable RecordingIn the last years, representing and promoting goods and services, providing training sessions and webinars became very essential and popular for business. Web conferences and webinars are the most powerful sales tools today. Why? Turning over dozens of web pages trying to find information on new goods or services – is not the ideal way for customers and new clients. Web conferences, promotion sessions and online tutorials – all such activities - are the fastest way...  Read more »»
  VGADVI Recorder as a Key Component of Aircraft Security System Air rage incidents and other threats aboard commercial airlines obviously present a high level of risk to the safety of aircrew and passengers. Security technologies are a well established component of airport infrastructure. Security onboard the aircraft improves when more security staff and better technology are used. Fortified lockable aircraft doors provide pilots with a secure flight deck and safeguard them from potential attack. Video security systems are used for prevention...  Read more »»
  VGADVI Recorder is a Component of Medical Lab EquipmentOne of the biggest challenges that the research and analytical laboratories in healthcare face today is the lack of necessary equipment and time. Modern technologies could solve these two main problems. Today more and more industries need to remotely access their applications to improve efficiencies, and laboratories are looking at secure remote access and data sharing solutions as well. VGADVI Recorder...  Read more »»
  VGADVI Recorder is Used in the Telemedicine Training CentreTelemedicine is catching on since doctors and patients can communicate via two-way video. Doctors also can see what is ailing patients with the help of telemedicine devices. Latest telemedicine technologies allow specialists to provide care to patients who may be in another clinic miles away. Epiphan’s recording and broadcasting appliances are used in multiple telemedicine programs. Our client (the school of medicine in the USA) uses the VGADVI...  Read more »»
  VGADVI Recorder Provides Real-time Remote Monitoring Security surveillance is one of the best ways of protecting an organization from vandalism and theft as the wrong doers know that they are being watched and recorded and thus they cannot get away with it. When vandalism or robbery has happened and no person can present to witness, all necessary information may be taken from surveillance security systems as they are built to store this information. Security surveillance systems strengthen internal security. They ensure that the...  Read more »»
  Video Recording of Surgery Procedures Technological advances nowadays lead to significant changes in the anatomical knowledge required by clinicians and have revolutionised the realm of patient care. It is necessary to review teaching strategies considering newly desired learning outcomes. Although medical schools worldwide use different curricula, the level of anatomical knowledge required to become a skilled clinician is agreed upon. The advent of interventional devices and modern surgical techniques demand new...  Read more »»