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  Broadcast Live Corporate Events WorldwideIn years past broadcasting was the preserve of great events with big budgets. The point is that only those events that commanded sufficient revenue could afford the cost of using special units to broadcast live. Nowadays due to the falling costs of production equipment and cheaper broadband, virtually any live event can be broadcasted and viewed on appropriate devices such as computers and mobile phones. Epiphan Systems provides equipment to deliver live and on-demand content...  Read more »»
  DVI Broadcaster DL Provides Real-Time Access to Medical CareThe aging population and the need to access remote populations from centralized facilities give rise to the increasing demand for the services of healthcare organizations. Communications technologies are playing a very important role since they allow healthcare providers to extend the reach of expensive or scarce expertise. Videoconferencing is contributing directly in applications such as consultation and patient monitoring. It is beyond doubt that healthcare organizations are...  Read more »»
  DVI Broadcaster DL Provides Remote Visual Access to Scientific Labs The conference success is usually strongly impacted by assistive computer technology, web accessibility and alternate media. A large American scientific center works on multiple science and engineering projects. Its representatives participate in the conferences on regular basis focusing on the latest findings and the happenings in the industry as they demonstrate results of their computing-intensive research. For more efficient demonstration they use DVI...  Read more »»
  DVI Broadcaster DL – Reliable Solution for Medical Labs Technologies changed the world. Today, healthcare specialists using modern software and hardware solutions can treat their patients located on the other side of the globe! How? Advanced healthcare systems in various countries use numerous advanced solutions to save lives and health of their patients. Communication systems and Internet provided such new healthcare methods as telemedicine, on-line medical help, videoconferencing and even video surgery. Using modern hardware solutions...  Read more »»
  Easy-to-use and High-efficient Tool for an E-Learning EnvironmentIf e-learning is done right, it produces excellent results by improving performance and decreasing costs. Unlike a short-time classroom session, the e-learning content is available for others. It relates to the static e-learning courses and ongoing conversations in multiple network communities. Since many people discover now the e-learning world for themselves, it is important to understand in a proper way its values and benefits. It will help lecturers and learners make right...  Read more »»
  Making Educational Podcasts with DVI Broadcaster DLPodcasting is a method of distributing a digital media file or a series of files over the Internet for playback on personal computers or portable media players. Users interested in a specific podcast may subscribe to a feed that links automatically to its most recent materials, or download the files manually from the Internet. Usually podcasts are movie files in MPEG-4 format that allows the presentation and storage of digital video, digital audio, texts and images. Epiphan’s...  Read more »»
  Using Webinars as Learning and Marketing ToolWebinar or web-based seminar is a lecture or workshop created for the Internet audience using web conferencing technology. Due to this efficient approach people can choose from a variety of webinars offering multiple programs to earn a certificate or degree, improve workplace skills, or just savour the joy of learning. Epiphan’s broadcasting product line can be successfully used for organizing webinars for your needs whatever they are. Your audience will view them using...  Read more »»
  Video Conferencing in Your Business – An Easy ApproachVideo conferencing equipment provides users a cost-effective way to collaborate face-to-face with their remotely located colleagues. Video conferencing saves you travel time and costs when communicating with offsite personnel. Very often users are enabled accomplish in a one or two hour video conference what would take many hours via other means. Click here for more information on DVI Broadcaster DL The...  Read more »»