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  Capture, Record and Stream Presentations with VGADVI Recorder ProMany companies need to produce multiple presentations using modern computer graphical programs and animations as well as other creative and technical resources. They are used for hundreds of reasons: explaining business propositions and processes, promoting individual products and services etc. Live presentations are very important for delivering knowledge and experience in multiple corporate and educational settings. They combine illustration material and audiovisual explanation...  Read more »»
  Create Training Videos and Make Them Illustrative and HelpfulTraining videos are excellent tools for individuals and businesses. For an individual, a training video can efficiently teach someone how to use or do something. A business can teach its employees about company policies, procedures, new products, and so on. Training videos provide a visual reference that usually helps many people learn more effectively and efficiently than by simply reading a manual or listening to someone’s explanations. Making a training video is a process...  Read more »»
  Develop Ultrasound Training Video Courses With VGADVI Recorder ProIt is known worldwide that much of the performed ultrasonography is carried out by persons with little formal training. A significant benefit in health care results from improved skills in the interpretation of ultrasound examinations. Therefore training should be a high priority. Those ultrasonography technicians not having adequate experience would benefit from additional training. In developed countries there is a great need to maintain and increase the levels of competence...  Read more »»
  Powerful Radar Recording Solution for Marine Navigation Equipment Radar data can be collected in multiple ways that include visual observation, images from the screen, and video recording. A perfect marine radar system should provide a possibility to capture and record in the native quality the images and video from the radar’s output. For example, if you use onboard a popular and award-winning Furuno NavNet series, connect VGADVI Recorder Pro by...  Read more »»
  Record Meetings, Archive and Upload to FTP ServerConferencing equipment is broadly applied in various businesses. It allows participants to stay in touch with their staff or team, particularly if due to some reasons it is hard or impossible to organize meetings on a regular basis. No matter whether you are organizing a standard, video or web conference – the problem of recording and archiving is one of the primary needs. At first instance it is necessary to acquire equipment providing clear communications...  Read more »»
  Recording Radar Information using Epiphan's VGA Recorder LiteThe Warsaw-based Telecommunications Research Institute conducts research and development in the areas of radar technology, command control systems and electronic recognition systems. It develops military equipment, products for non-military homeland security services, and for civilian air traffic control. Particularly, it manufactures radar equipment for detecting, tracking and identifying targets in different environments. For...  Read more »»
  Remote Control Levels of Radiation in the Environment with VGADVI Recorder ProAccording to regulatory requirements, nuclear power plant operators should have effluent and environmental monitoring programs that ensure minimizing the impacts from nuclear plant operations. They strictly control the amount of radioactive emissions that is released to the environment. This amount should not exceed the established levels that are as low as reasonable achievable. There are a number of programs for observing and recording the levels of radiation in the environment,...  Read more »»
  Use VGADVI Recorder Pro for Transportation System Recording Transportation systems such as trains, subways, air traffic and shipping incorporate sophisticated scheduling, operation, safety monitoring and control systems. Using Epiphan solutions, organizations can record digital-quality video from any video source for up to 45 days at a time, with no maintenance required. As external standalone device, Epiphan's VGADVI Recorder Pro is easy to use...  Read more »»
  VGA Recorder Application in Weather Monitoring Systems Gate Elektronik Inc. provides services in the field of electronics using high technology systems and equipment. Its main activities are depot level maintenance of military/industrial systems, system integration and maintenance engineering, software development and electronic manufacturing. The company is working in the defense industry and produces electronic systems according to military standards. Gate Electronik...  Read more »»
  VGADVI Recorder Pro as a Key Component of an E-Learning SystemE-learning has numerous benefits over traditional classroom training. First of all these are such obvious reasons as the flexibility and the cost savings since you do not have to travel or spend excess time away from work. Besides, real-time access is also important. Usually live learning events require that the participants align their schedules to the training calendar. Due to e-learning techniques the training courses can be accessed anytime, anywhere. E-learning courses are...  Read more »»
  VGADVI Recorder Pro as a Quality Management System ComponentFrom the very beginning of the industrial revolution manufacturers tried to replace human with machines to boost production and reduce the amount of labour required to make a product. Today, the new information and communication technologies are making possible far more sophisticated continuous-process manufacturing.  Robots have many advantages as compared with a man: they make all operations faster than a man; robots do not require rest, salary and will never ask for a...  Read more »»
  VGADVI Recorder Pro as an Efficient Tool of Digital Image AnalysisTelecommunication technology assists in the delivery of health care and this phenomenon determines its increasing popularity. Many consider telemedicine as a solution to the problems of delivering health care to areas underserved by clinicians and remote areas. The main idea behind telemedicine is to ensure a health service to all people regardless of their situation. It is an irreplaceable means in cases when access to medical services is limited by geography, communication,...  Read more »»
  VGADVI Recorder Pro – Flexible e-Learning Tool for ProfessionalsDuring last several years e-learning became a well-known practice both in higher education and corporate sector. Why? In modern conditions when business have to emerge new products and ideas with accelerating speed traditional training is often turning to be obsolete. E-learning originally gained popularity because of its flexibility. Today students and especially corporate employees could take courses and trainings asynchronously from the comfort of their homes and offices saving...  Read more »»
  VGADVI Recorder Pro – Reliable Telemedicine Hardware SolutionIt is common knowledge that technologies rule the world. We use technologies in all spheres of our life. Especially in health care. As advances in telecommunications and information technologies continue to be made, health care specialists apply more and more solutions in their day-to-day activities.  One of such technologies – telemedicine. Telemedicine is used to bridge the physical distance between patients in remote areas and medical specialists around the world....  Read more »»