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  Capture and Print Ultrasound Images Using VGA PrinterMedical imaging has been an essential tool for better diagnosis and effective cures. It is one of the most important medical innovations. Cost effective medical devices that capture and print images contribute to successful patients diagnostics. Epiphan’s VGA Printer may become common use in 3D and doppler ultrasound imaging due to its valuable functionalities....  Read more »»
  Capturing and Printing Ultrasound ImagesToday ultrasound diagnostic digital imaging is a rapidly emerging field in the healthcare industry. Ultrasound therapy is a popular and efficient diagnostic method in multiple areas of medicine. Capturing and printing ultrasound images is as simple as 1, 2, 3 with Epiphan’s VGA Printer – an innovative and compact solution for medical imaging applications. VGA Printer captures...  Read more »»
  Medical Equipment MonitoringThe impacts of modern technology on modern medicine and healthcare are enormous. It is no wonder that  network connectivity, image capture and transmission have enabled a number of interesting new approaches for delivering cost-effective medical and healthcare services by specialists and generalists. Remote guidance and diagnostics, remotely guided ultra sound, teleoperations are examples of  what can be solved using remote medical equipment monitoring and solutions...  Read more »»
  Printing Images from Multimedia Presentation Stations Using Epiphan VGA PrinterNomad Technologies, Inc. manufactures Presentation Stations and Multimedia Podiums, as well as presentation systems that facilitate distance learning through webcasts and videoconferences. Its all-in-one presentation systems integrate a wide variety of presentation equipment and are designed for use in rooms through permanent or mobile audiovisual installations. The systems can also be...  Read more »»
  Use VGA Printer to Facilitate Electronic Courtroom ProceduresIt is recognized that litigation, discovery, motions, pleadings, depositions, hearings, trials and the other courtroom proceedings can benefit from advances in video and other evidence presentation technologies. New technologies are now available to lawyers, attorneys, juries and judges. Modern equipment and presentation capabilities are provided for many existing and newly redesigned courtrooms. This equipment allows lawyers to present and display multiple types of evidence and...  Read more »»