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  Adobe Flash Media Encoder and DVI2PCIe Perform Live Streaming From Any ScreensVideo streaming technologies allows users to prepare, manage and distribute professional quality video and audio files as well as share them with the audience all over the world. It is well known that live event streaming is a very informative means. This approach enables solving multiple tasks in numerous domains. It is possible to deliver live or recorded education and training to multiple office locations, provide corporate training for employees no matter where they are located,...  Read more »»
  Capturing Medical Images with an Internal DVI2PCIe Frame GrabberStoring of physical documents including images has been a problem in medicine. Resulting from recent advances in imaging technology many clinicians create images during the diagnostic process. They are obliged to retain this data for many years according to regulatory requirements. Previously it was pretty hard for the health centres and clinics to cope with a great number of patient's records. Due to rapidly evolving technologies, storing and accessing multiple data is much easier...  Read more »»
  Capturing Multiple Streams from the Video Switching UnitA Video switching unit provides full audio-visual switching capability to the various video systems applied in security, entertainment and other areas. All video components such as displays, projectors, etc. can be wired up and accessed at one central switching location. The video switching unit simultaneously routes video from single source or from many sources to many displays. You can cascade some units to achieve greater configurations. Although each source is not directly...  Read more »»
  Create Educational Materials and Presentations with DVI2PCIe Technology is being integrated into class curricula and more on-line courses are offered in many educational institutions. Rich multimedia content in educational courseware positively reinforces and accelerates learning and retention - positively affecting students’ learning. promotes the creation and provision of high quality distance education programs and services to diverse audiences through the most appropriate information technologies available. During creation of...  Read more »»
  Create Video Podcasts with VidBlaster Software and DVI2PCIeInitially podcasting was conceived as an audio-only tool for communication with the world.  Now this is no longer the case. Video podcasting or vlogging is currently all the rage and tends to be more popular amongst the users. Since the deployment of broadband connectivity keeps expanding and the digital video cameras become more affordable, video broadcasting is available for just about anyone. In the Internet age new techniques are being developed and podcasts perspectives...  Read more »»
  Creating a Comfortable Learning Environment in a Virtual School Good virtual schools are able to apply the best parts of online learning to either a on-site school or home-school scenario. These virtual schools use high-quality distance-learning based curriculums to provide an innovative and effective education for students. Online educational courses encourage independent learning and the pace of learning is based on the individual student’s progress, not that of an entire class. The learner becomes the centre of the educational experience....  Read more »»
  DVI2PCIe - Reliable Tool for Ultrasound ExaminationsIt goes without saying that technology and information rule the world. Today we can’t imagine our everyday life without technologies – from getting up in the morning to going to bed in the evening. Technologies give us comfort, food, security and the most essential – they save our life and take care of our health. Today all modern healthcare systems are based on technologies! Do you remember when for the last time you’ve seen a doctor visiting his patient...  Read more »»
  DVI2PCIe Allows For Preparing Various Educational ContentEducational programs are now more technology-oriented. The confluence of new information technologies with economics has created better opportunities driven by a world that demands quality and performance. A growing number of on-line courses are implemented in schools and universities. This teaching practice can greatly optimize performance. Among basic components that affect students’ learning in a positive way one can mention computation multimedia, and information. Distance...  Read more »»
  DVI2PCIe Allows You to Create Educational PodcastsAdvanced streaming technologies allow for broadcasting a wide range of events over the Internet. These are webinars, presentations corporate meetings, specialty events, and many other events. Broadcasts from seminars, tradeshows and forums, have become very popular. There is a plenty of advantages of using webcasts. Epiphan Systems offers an internal video capture card DVI2PCIe with broad...  Read more »»
  DVI2PCIe Captures Video Games from PS3 or Xbox Are you a PS3 or Xbox 360 fan? If yes, of course you wished to capture video from video games and share it with the world? You are just a step away from opening the door to new realms of exciting social video content experiences. Sharing your skills and performance with friends and players all over the world is so simple. You will be able to save real-time game play in HD quality to your computer. Let your core creative desires guide you - just edit your captured video and post...  Read more »»
  DVI2PCIe is a Visualization Tool for Online EducationeLearning is beneficial to all types of learners, corporations and generally to education and to. It produces measurable results, saves time and is affordable. This approach is more cost effective than traditional learning since less time and money is spent travelling. ELearning can be done in any geographic location and is much less costly than doing learning at a traditional institute. One of the major elearning benefits is flexibility. Education is available when and where...  Read more »»
  DVI2PCIe Successfully Captures and Transmits Images for Medical Records Keeping hard copies of medical records with images always is of current concern. As a matter of fact clinicians use to create multiple images when performing diagnostics since imaging technology is emerging worldwide now. According to requirements captured data should be kept for many years. It was an issue for the hospitals and health centres to process a large number of medical records. It is up to emerging modern technologies that there is no problem now to store and access...  Read more »»
  Prepare On-line Training Courses Using DVI2PCIeTaking classes online is a well-known and effective approach that enables working professionals to learn at their own pace. People who consider online classes as a suitable way of learning are looking for some career changes or want finish a degree program that was started at another college. Now there is a very wide choice of online schools and online programs. Prospective students can easily find the right one and prepare themselves for a new career. Multiple hardware tools...  Read more »»
  Streaming Live on YouTube with DVI2PCIeYouTube is much more than a place to watch videos recorded in the past and visited over 2 billion times a day. Over the last years it is making great progress on everything. And now it goes much further than that! YouTube Live allows you to start streaming videos in real time. This resource integrates live streaming and webcasting capabilities directly into the YouTube platform. YouTube Live supports streaming from an external RTMP encoder (e.g. Flash Media Live Encoder). You...  Read more »»
  Use DVI2PCIe to Capture Images for e-Learning Materials It is known that traditional classroom training is no more the only available education option. Recently e-Learning solutions have become popular in addition to usual education programs. They are based on transferring the skills of knowledge over the LAN/Internet and include electronic supported learning and teaching. You are not stuck in a classroom; you can study where ever you have access to materials - at home, the library, even while traveling. Image capturing and broadcasting...  Read more »»
  Use DVI2PCIe with VidBlaster Software to Create Interesting Video PodcastsPodcasting is an effective tool for communication with the world. Video podcasting is very strong and is only getting stronger as the equipment needed to produce it comes down in price and becomes easier to use. It is important to note that the digital camcorders are more affordable and the deployment of broadband connectivity keeps expanding. Well, video broadcasting is available for anyone and its perspectives grow to new heights. If you are about to start creating podcasts,...  Read more »»
  VGA2PCIe as an Effective Capture Solution for Game DevelopmentNumen Soft Co. Ltd is an online game developer in South Korea with extensive experience in software, business, and information systems for online games. The company designs and builds popular video games. The company is in strategic alliance with GigaMedia Limited, a major provider of online entertainment software and services. Junho Chung, art director in Numen Soft Co. Ltd., explains: “As a specialist in games design I often need to capture...  Read more »»