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  Epiphan’s VGA Splitter Eliminates the VGA Ground Loop ProblemGround loop in an electrical system refers to an unwanted current. Ground loop connection exists when several devices in an electrical system are connected through different ways to a common ground. As currents flow through these paths, they develop voltages which can cause damage and noise. Ground loops created by improperly installed or improperly designed equipment are a main cause of noise and interference in audio and video systems. They are able create an electric shock...  Read more »»
  VGA Splitter Allows Displaying Radar Image on Two Screens Air traffic radar allows the ground control team to direct aircrafts in the air and on land. Air traffic controllers use the information provided by radars to keep aircraft separated. Separation can be performed in three possible dimensions – longitudinally, laterally and vertically. Air traffic radar enables computations of super-precision that are required for decision making. Controllers directed by the system determine which commands should be sent to direct aircraft properly...  Read more »»