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  A Church Organization Streams Multiple Video Sources During PresentationsIn plenty of situations presenters have multiple or at least more than one video/data source that they would like to feed to a projector or a multi-screen during an event. They may want to display video presentations from a DVD as well as teaching notes, announcements, or music lyrics generated from the computer. Possibly it is required to use live video footage from one or more cameras. There are several approaches to accomplish this with differing results. Click...  Read more »»
  Air Craft Control, Incident Investigation and Training Using Epiphan VGA Grid & DVI2USB DuoHolland's National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR) performs research to develop new technologies for aviation and space travel. NLR is using Epiphan's VGA Grid with DVI2USB Duo inside to record all air traffic movements from aircrafts approaching the national airport Schiphol...  Read more »»
  Air Traffic ControlThere are thousands of aircrafts operating around the globe every hour. Only in USA at any given moment there are about 5, 000 aircrafts in the skies. It is evident that performing all these activities requires usage of up-to-date and high-precision equipment which principal component is the air traffic control radar system. Radar recording systems record and display the incoming data for...  Read more »»
  Capturing ATC/ATM Audio Video and Displays with VGA GridAs the world population becomes ever more interconnected, the demand for air travel and more advanced air traffic management (ATM) equipment will only increase. There is no room for error in such specialized field of expertise as air traffic control (ATC).  Specialists working in the areas of Air traffic management and air traffic control need to use up-to-date and high-performance technology to function successfully. The complexity of ATM systems requires sophisticated technical...  Read more »»
  Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) support within Epiphan streamers and recorders CDN related How To Stories
  • Stream Video to Wowza Streaming Engine from Epiphan Broadcasters and Recorders
  • Video Stream to a YouTube Live Event with Epiphan Broadcasters and Recorders
  • When... 
      How VGA Grid is Applied in Video Surveillance SystemsNowadays serious measures should be taken to beat augmented hazards in our life and guarantee total security. Although progress gives us new technologies and tools, this growth carries also critical risks. Interactive video surveillance systems are one of the best methods to stay away from threats. VGA Grid from Epiphan Systems serves as a key component of security systems comprising multiple surveillance cameras...  Read more »»
      Multi-source Recording from Multiple Medical Imaging Equipment Healthcare professionals keep extending their medical imaging expertise. High-quality visualization solutions are now very popular on the operating room market. Due to these solutions ranging from advanced 3D visualization and analysis programs to diagnostic display systems the specialists are able to meet their most demanding imaging challenges. Operation room imaging solutions such as monitors, medical-grade remote head cameras, and other devices speed patient diagnosis and...  Read more »»
      New Security Platform Provides Wide Area SurveillanceIt is reasonable that security departments of every company are striving to upgrade its recording infrastructure with a technology that would have a serious impact on the effectiveness and efficiency of its security systems. They need to set the stage for digital recording security platforms. Our customers are no exception. Read on to know how one of them has deployed a new security platform based on Epiphan's VGA...  Read more »»
      Recording and Streaming Video Feed from ORs and Other Medical FacilitiesVGA Grid is a hardware platform that is designed to capture video from multiple cameras and medical equipment video displays, synchronizes, records and streams multiple picture-in -picture layouts of the medical procedure. Click here for more information on VGA Grid These multi-view real-time recording and broadcasting capabilities...  Read more »»
      Remote Surveillance Monitoring with Epiphan VGA GridVideo surveillance is a part of our daily lives. Cameras can be found now almost everywhere. This trend has gathered momentum rapidly and shows no signs of slowing down. Video surveillance is becoming more sophisticated day by day. There are different kinds of solutions designed for monitoring visual, auditory and communications data. Modern technology is not limited simply to tools for gathering information but extends to systems for interpreting data and evaluating...  Read more »»
      Security System in the Worship CenterUnfortunately crimes can happen any place, any time and worship centres are no exemption. The nature of the worship makes people vulnerable before the crimes of opportunity and other violations of law. Evidently it is necessary to review surroundings with a special eye and do one’s best the institution, its property and the congregation. Visual security systems are able to prevent, deter or resolve many threats. While all threats cannot be prevented by, the documentation...  Read more »»
      Share Turbine Test Results with Customers in Real-TimeAero Energy Services, a division of GE Power, builds, overhauls, tests and services Mega-Watt engines for marine and industrial use, services for which its customers pay millions of dollars. In consideration of its customers’ large investments, Aero strives to provide them with insight into the test process and test results. To enable customers to go online to watch...  Read more »»
      US Court House and VGA Grid - Streaming and Recording Multiple Audio Video Sources to a Courtroom JuryAfter evaluating a number of competing solutions, a US District Court deployed VGA Grid systems as a stand alone audio visual capture, streaming and display system for its various court rooms. Courtroom Requirements The system needs to support the following features:
  • The judge can view all input video sources
  • The judge controls which of the video source evidence...  Read more »»
  •   Use VGA Grid in Business Security Systems All business owners know that unexpected trouble can strike their company any time. Business could be vulnerable to internal and external theft. Monitoring deters criminal activity. A good security system must have the ability to display live video simultaneously from all cameras and record it nonstop for surveillance purposes. VGA Grid...  Read more »»
      Use VGA Grid to Broadcast and Record Multiple Ultra Sound Sessions Diagnostic ultra sound has been used in clinical medicine for many years. Ultra sound is widely available, easy-to-use and less expensive than other imaging methods. A large American clinic provides a wide variety of ultra sound examinations which are carried out in 16 rooms. Epiphan’s VGA Grid™ helps the sonographers to communicate with the required specialists on the fly.   Simultaneous...  Read more »»
      VGA Grid Improves the Effectiveness of Simulation-based Training Systems Simulation-based training systems comprise both simple, desktop PC-based trainers and complex systems incorporating multiple trainee stations. An experiential simulation can be an effective training method. Simulation-based training is used in a variety of areas including plants, ground transportation, aviation, combat and police personnel training, ship handling, and many others. Along with the necessity to train staff it is also important to monitor and record the training...  Read more »»
      VGA Grid is a Powerful Videoconferencing Equipment Video conferencing is a popular mode of communication in multiple business areas. As several people communicate with each other, their images and voices are carried over the network to the others. Now transaction of any business does not require frequent travel to facilitate its diversification and growth. Travel and associated costs can be essentially reduced. Integration of VGA Grid™...  Read more »»
      VGA Grid Provides Live Broadcasting from Multiple Cameras in Traffic Monitoring SystemsIn road traffic management, the provision of accurate, up-to-date, and detailed quantitative information on traffic movement is essential. Road Traffic Monitoring systems process information captured by cameras located along highways and commuting routes. It allows the operators to view highways surface, traffic volumes and weather conditions. Epiphan’s VGA Grid is capable of broadcasting and recording video signals...  Read more »»
      VGA Grid Provides Remote Monitoring in Multiple LocationsAppropriate safety measures help to reduce the risk of fault, incidents, and failures disrupting normal operations. Protecting assets, staff and profitability demands an integrated approach to industrial safety that helps improving business performance and peace of mind. Click here for more information on VGA Grid A European energy group operates oil refining and petrochemical complex with many miles of pipeline...  Read more »»
      Video Surveillance as a Key Component of Security ProgramsThe Internet is bringing advanced and exciting technologies to the people. Streaming digital video is one of the biggest innovations that has come about because of the Internet. The ability to install multiple cameras and monitor them all makes video surveillance possible. Network has been the catalyst to developing more sophisticated digital technologies and video surveillance is one of the areas where major changes have taken place. Click...  Read more »»
      Video Surveillance during Sporting EventsReliable surveillance equipment is a very principal element of the total security efforts each organization or company puts forward to protect life and property. The ability to survey and detect an illegal activity before an intrusion or crime is committed, saves costs towards theft and large scale property damage. Surveillance cameras greatly contribute to security and protection of businesses. The options and range of available surveillance cameras has encouraged their deployment...  Read more »»
      Video Surveillance System: Monitoring Campus for Illegal ActivityEvery college takes care to create a safe campus environment promoting improved student achievement and well-being. The video surveillance system using the VGA Grid appliance from Epiphan has been deployed in one of the Italian colleges. The college has two campuses that need to be well protected since concerns over campus safety are growing permanently. In order to deliver crime-free and quiet...  Read more »»