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  Broadcast Flight Routes to Aircraft Cockpits with Epiphan VGA2EthernetThe National Suborbital Education and Research Center (NSERC) was formed jointly by NASA and the University of North Dakota. NSERC, a unit of UND's Northern Great Plains Center for People and the Environment, operate's NASA's DC-8 flying research laboratory. The laboratory is operated as a national facility which is capable of conducting research anywhere in the global atmosphere. NSERC allows educators, researchers, and...  Read more »»
  Capture Images from Agilent Oscilloscope Using Epiphan VGA2EthernetEngineers at Epiphan Systems use a wide array of tools when designing new hardware and upcoming products. One such tool is an Agilent InfiniiVision DSO7104A oscilloscope used to monitor signal voltages and analyze the signal integrity. The Agilent oscilloscope has a VGA output,...  Read more »»
  External SCADA MonitoringA SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system is comprised of software programs and hardware components that are used to gather data in real time and monitor processes and conditions from different locations. The SCADA system warns when a situation may potentially lead to accidents. SCADA is used in multiple industries e.g. oil and gas refining, water and waste control, power plants, transportation. An oil company has implemented a network SCADA system for monitoring...  Read more »»
  Great Choice among Medical Image Capture Solutions Designed for Telemedicine and e-Health ResearchesA future is likely to be dominated by technological advances. What does this mean for medicine? Emerging information and communication technology (ICT) has made a massive impact on multiple medical fields due to a high penetration of computers in medicine. These are computer diagnostic machinery, teleradiology diagnostics, computer data analysis just to name a few. However the principal medical approaches brought to birth by ICT are telemedicine and e-health – the guarantee...  Read more »»
  How to Record Training Sessions on the Nuclear Plant Control SimulatorTraining is one of the most important processes for organizations allowing it to function effectively. By this means employees receive information that essentially enhances profitability and productivity of organizations. Trainings bring employees up to another threshold of performance in different fields. There are multiple reasons for recording training sessions. First of all, it is a useful teaching tool. Successful recorded training can be used in coaching and feedback both...  Read more »»
  Organize Videoconferences Using VGA2EthernetAudio Visuelt Centrum A/S is one of Danish leading audiovisual equipment suppliers. It offers an extensive and highly developed range of internationally tested products. The company is also known for its consulting services in the area of audiovisual equipment installation. Its customers benefit from more than forty years of company’s experience and competence. Christian Dannevang (Sales Representative) explains:...  Read more »»
  Perform Hardware Video Capturing with VGA2EthernetHardware video capturing during the manufacturing processes is extremely effective for creation of video courses based on training principles. These materials help engineers to analyze the operational performance and manufacturing capabilities of the company by multiple methods. Besides, it provides an overall view of the complex manufacturing steps and is an excellent information tool. What requirements should meet a hardware video capturing solution...  Read more »»
  Use VGA2Ethernet to Improve Efficiency of E-health SolutionsE-health is currently opening new possibilities to the area of health care. Joint efforts undertaken by specialists in health care and hi-tech industries allow people to benefit through its convergence. Emerging Internet technologies create new challenges and opportunities to the traditional health care information technology industry. E-health reduces health care costs as it improves efficiencies in telecare systems. It also enhances clinical...  Read more »»
  VGA2Ethernet - Presentation over Ethernet You are planning to present your ideas to an audience. If participants cannot attend your presentation for whatever reason, there is a way out. New technologies allow you to broadcast presentation over Ethernet to the audience all over the world. Besides you are able to take the presentation file and upload this content on your local intranet or onto the worldwide Internet. Solutions that enable users to broadcast presentation...  Read more »»
  VGA2Ethernet as a Powerful Solution for Telepharmacy SystemsAlthough the scope of telemedicine comprises various fields of technology, it most commonly describes the practice of medicine using videoconferencing, and the Internet. A new delivery system type is emerging within pharmacy, and it allows both enhancing patient care and providing a new revenue stream for pharmacy operators. Telepharmacy offers an opportunity to provide pharmaceutical care through the use of telecommunications to patients at remote locations....  Read more »»
  VGA2Ethernet Broadcasts Diagnostic Images and Provides Communication in E-Health Programs Healthcare content continues to proliferate on the Internet. E-health solutions offer long-term benefits as they provide an advanced and secure healthcare environment, strip away inefficient processes and streamline the secure delivery of healthcare information. By using the proper technology and tools, member/patient information, health plans can now support personalized e-health programs for their members. These programs demonstrably enhance health, reduce costs, and provide...  Read more »»
  VGA2Ethernet Helps Visitors to Share Data without Using Guest-access Networks As wireless and wired networking grows, offering Internet access to companies’ visitors has become a necessity. Guests, business partners, contractors, vendors, and other temporary users require and expect certain level of network access within organizations that they visit. At the same time security in a computing environment remains one of the main concerns for any company. VGA2Ethernet...  Read more »»
  VGA2Ethernet Is Integrated In a Banking Security SystemMultiple changes in the business world engendered by IT research and development are considerably evident in the banking industry. Increasing bandwidth is leading to what can only be described as a quantum leap in bank security. By the nature of their business, banks are hard-headed organisations that are not likely to invest in a project unless they see a clear benefit for themselves and their customers. Since the potential for bank fraud has been dramatically increased, it can...  Read more »»
  VGA2Ethernet Provides Real-Time Remote Surveillance in Bank Branches Security is a bank’s main concern and administration of each bank takes it very seriously. Video surveillance systems add layer of protection and improve security performance. The Epiphan VGA2Ethernet's  functionalities make it an optimal device for the use in banks. This network frame grabber is a part of the integrated surveillance system installed in a large bank with multiple branches...  Read more »»
  VGA2Ethernet Provides Remote Retinal DiagnosticsNowadays medicine is developing new approaches for diseases treatment since it increasingly counts on electronic equipment. Remote diagnostics is an efficient approach highly competitive with other modern diagnostic techniques. Although the subjects are separated on the basis of physical distance, they are able to exchange information through the Internet. Therefore limited expert resources are engaged in the most effective way. They evaluate and diagnose patients in remote locations...  Read more »»