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  DVI Broadcaster DL Provides Remote Visual Access to Scientific Labs The conference success is usually strongly impacted by assistive computer technology, web accessibility and alternate media. A large American scientific center works on multiple science and engineering projects. Its representatives participate in the conferences on regular basis focusing on the latest findings and the happenings in the industry as they demonstrate results of their computing-intensive research. For more efficient demonstration they use DVI...  Read more »»
  Adobe Flash Media Encoder and DVI2PCIe Perform Live Streaming From Any ScreensVideo streaming technologies allows users to prepare, manage and distribute professional quality video and audio files as well as share them with the audience all over the world. It is well known that live event streaming is a very informative means. This approach enables solving multiple tasks in numerous domains. It is possible to deliver live or recorded education and training to multiple office locations, provide corporate training for employees no matter where they are located,...  Read more »»
  Capturing Multiple Streams from the Video Switching UnitA Video switching unit provides full audio-visual switching capability to the various video systems applied in security, entertainment and other areas. All video components such as displays, projectors, etc. can be wired up and accessed at one central switching location. The video switching unit simultaneously routes video from single source or from many sources to many displays. You can cascade some units to achieve greater configurations. Although each source is not directly...  Read more »»
  DVI2PCIe Captures Video Games from PS3 or Xbox Are you a PS3 or Xbox 360 fan? If yes, of course you wished to capture video from video games and share it with the world? You are just a step away from opening the door to new realms of exciting social video content experiences. Sharing your skills and performance with friends and players all over the world is so simple. You will be able to save real-time game play in HD quality to your computer. Let your core creative desires guide you - just edit your captured video and post...  Read more »»
  Streaming Live on YouTube with DVI2PCIeYouTube is much more than a place to watch videos recorded in the past and visited over 2 billion times a day. Over the last years it is making great progress on everything. And now it goes much further than that! YouTube Live allows you to start streaming videos in real time. This resource integrates live streaming and webcasting capabilities directly into the YouTube platform. YouTube Live supports streaming from an external RTMP encoder (e.g. Flash Media Live Encoder). You...  Read more »»
  Use DVI2PCIe with VidBlaster Software to Create Interesting Video PodcastsPodcasting is an effective tool for communication with the world. Video podcasting is very strong and is only getting stronger as the equipment needed to produce it comes down in price and becomes easier to use. It is important to note that the digital camcorders are more affordable and the deployment of broadband connectivity keeps expanding. Well, video broadcasting is available for anyone and its perspectives grow to new heights. If you are about to start creating podcasts,...  Read more »»
  VGA2PCIe as an Effective Capture Solution for Game DevelopmentNumen Soft Co. Ltd is an online game developer in South Korea with extensive experience in software, business, and information systems for online games. The company designs and builds popular video games. The company is in strategic alliance with GigaMedia Limited, a major provider of online entertainment software and services. Junho Chung, art director in Numen Soft Co. Ltd., explains: “As a specialist in games design I often need to capture...  Read more »»
  Frame Grabbers: Perspectives and ConsiderationsWhen new technologies are being continuously developed, new interfaces pop-up and there is a tendency to incorporate frame grabber functionality in multiple devices, the time has come to ask, does machine vision industry still need frame grabbers? Generally frame grabbers allow users to obtain images from cameras and other video sources into the host memory of a computer. It is done via hardware interfacing with different sources and providing a standard output that is used then...  Read more »»
  Test Product Usability and Human Factors Design with Epiphan DVI2USBThe Human Factors division of one of the top three telecommunications companies in North America is responsible for testing the company's newest innovations for usability. The company empowers its customers to view the product testing process live over the Internet. To make this possible, the Human Factors team uses the Epiphan DVI2USB video grabber - the only external,...  Read more »»
  Testing Car Camera Systems with DVI2USB Xylon is an electronics company that focuses on FPGA designs. Currently it is a prominent provider of intellectual property in the fields of embedded graphics, video and networking. Xylon produces optimized IP cores for Xilinx FPGAs, services and interfaces which can contribute to designers’ effectiveness and assure high performance Systems on Chip (SoC) designs. Xylon products are built into electronic devices which have been in use...  Read more »»
  Adobe Flash Media Encoder and DVI2USB 3.0 Perform Live Streaming From Any Screens Video streaming technologies allows users to prepare, manage and distribute professional quality video and audio files as well as share them with the audience all over the world. It is well known that live event streaming is a very informative means. This approach enables solving multiple tasks in numerous domains. It is possible to deliver live or recorded education and training to multiple office locations, provide corporate training for employees no matter where they are located,...  Read more »»
  Dual-source podcasting with DVI2USB 3.0 and Podcast Production SoftwareYou may be planning to create podcasts, record lectures, training and presentations or prepare any video material for sharing it over the network. Sometimes you may need to capture video from two sources. For example this approach is effective for creating picture-in-picture podcasts or other similar content. These new technologies allow the users to create video effects presented in their events in order to better communicate their message.  For...  Read more »»
  DVI2USB 3.0 Captures and Records Streaming Video and Images from iPad, iPhone, iOS devices iPad, iPhone and other iOS devices have become a common business tool and are also broadly applied in Internet, gaming and media. These devices support video resolutions up to 1920 x1080. Apps available for iPad and iPhone can now take advantage of the large screen and advanced capabilities. For example, you may want to record a session to show someone how to navigate the Web, or how to use your newly developed App. Alternatively, you may want to record flicking...  Read more »»
  Screen Recorder for iPhone 5 using DVI2USB 3.0Epiphan uses DVI2USB 3.0 to capture and record the screen from an iPhone 5. DVI2USB 3.0 can capture screen shots for your iOS application, or create high resolution videos for demonstrating an application or recording game play. The samples below are currently being updated. Please visit frequently for new samples and demonstrations. Screen...  Read more »»
  Web conferences: Going beyond sharing presentations and desktopsShare different displays and cameras as part of your video conferencing or web collaboration. Online meeting services from companies like WebEx, Go-To-Meeting, Skype and Google Hangouts can save you time, money and travel costs. Epiphan's products and solutions help you extend additional value from those online meeting services by allowing you to share more effectively with others in your meeting. Chose Epiphan...  Read more »»
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  Automated Electronics Test Solution Using Epiphan DVI2USB SoloLinkGenesis provides test automation solutions for electronic devices. Its products are used to ensure that digital televisions, mobile phones and other devices meet their defined specifications. Youngho Lee of LinkGenesis turned to Epiphan’s DVI2USB Solo to capture DVI screen images from the digital televisions it needed to test. After...  Read more »»
  Ensuring Broadcast Quality Television SignalsMiranda Technologies develops, manufactures and markets high-performance television equipment and software. Miranda is using Epiphan's DVI2USB Solo frame grabber to capture DVI output from systems broadcast on its "monitor wall". "To verify the stability of a fixed image (using test patterns), we need to capture TV frames at...  Read more »»
  Easily Administer Headless Machines with Epiphan KVM2USBEnvironment Canada, a federal government organization, is using Epiphan KVM to USB frame grabbers to help its system and network analysts perform their work more efficiently. Using KVM2USB, Environment Canada analysts can now convey VGA streams from host computers to administrator laptops while also emulating laptop keyboard and mouse outputs. “Epiphan’s KVM2USB product allows us...  Read more »»
  Install Servers without the Need for DHCP Using Epiphan KVM2USBEpiphan's KVM2USB is irreplaceable for aprovider for practical solutions that enable wireless operators to offer new, revenue-generating multimedia services while leveraging their existing infrastructure.  The company's technicians use the Epiphan KVM2USB KVM switch. While at customer sites, technicians often work on Intel-based...  Read more »»
  KVM2USB Helps to Maintain Operation of Satellites Onboard the ISS KVM2USB is a popular and high-performance solution that finds application in different areas. It provides a handy approach for managing “headless” solutions that run without any keyboards and other input/output devices. It is used not only to solve problems on Earth but also in space! Read on to know...  Read more »»
  KVM2USB Provides Remote Managing of Headless ServersHeadless servers usually perform tasks not requiring a local user at the console. These machines run without input/output devices – keyboard, monitor, and mouse. When it comes to interacting with the server, any IT administrator would benefit from a compact external device that provides immediate and convenient access to headless servers. There is no need for the keyboard and monitor. You even do not have to visit the server room each time you need to perform maintenance...  Read more »»
  Preview Television Captions and Graphics with Epiphan's KVM2USBMST Systems Ltd. provides official timing and data services to motorsport events throughout the UK and to leading motorsport teams at major international events. Its solutions provide realtime sports data to teams, national and international press, circuit based and TV commentators in an easily readable format. "Our solution allows television producers to add real-time captions automatically at the touch of a...  Read more »»
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  Easily Capture Video from iPad Using Epiphan’s Lecture Recorder x2 SolutionIf you have purchased an iPad tablet or iPhone you are probably quite happy with all the numerous outstanding features and advantages. Let us show you how you can master some new skills. Have you ever thought of screen recording from iPad or iPhone to show someone how an application works? Did you want to record your slideshows, podcasts, navigate the Web, flick through your photos, and do hundreds of other things once and just replay the video when you to show someone else? As...  Read more »»
  Improving Your Webinar Visuals with Lecture Recorder x2Webinars are used for a variety of purposes and it would take us much time to list them all. Individual and group mentoring, software training, educational workshops, sharing information about a new service or product, and so on. Nowadays, there are many online tools which make hosting a webinar very easy and accessible for everyone, even for persons with limited technology expertise. Usually webinars rely on visuals and audio and both should be engaging to get your ideas across....  Read more »»
  Lecture Recorder as a Means for Business CollaborationON24 is the global leader in webcasting and virtual events. The company develops industry-leading webcasting, virtual events and lead generation solutions that meet the performance, value and reliability requirements of businesses of all types and sizes. ON24's focus is on the breadth of its product offering; as a result, it provides a full portfolio of products, solutions and services for internal and external communications. ON24...  Read more »»
  Lecture Recorder x2 Allows You to Record from iPad and Share Your Gameplay SessionsNowadays gamers are very social. If you are an expert in the iPad games, you might have been through legendary battles with many great goals. No doubt that sooner or later you will consider sharing your skills and performance with your co-players, friends, or even the players all over the world. When you share accomplishments by capturing and sharing your favourite gameplay sessions it is much easier to connect with fellow gamers and achieve status and recognition for elite skills.  Read more »»
  Lecture Recorder x2 Provides Visual and Hearing Impairment AssistanceEqual opportunities and equal rights should be secured for people with disabilities. Their specific demands among other issues are accessibility and safety in transportation and the physical environment as well as equal opportunities in independent living and education. In case when the delegates with special needs are expected to attend an event, be it meeting, seminar or conference, the organizers face some specific issues that should be addressed properly. Using cutting-edge...  Read more »»
  Making Screencasts with Lecture Recorder x2There are a couple of new education approaches that involve creating a sort of virtual classroom. Its members are allowed to learn at their own pace using video tutorials. The cornerstone of these approaches is ability of the instructor to show the ideas and theories using screen recording tools rather than simply explain them providing his/her personal one on one experience. Sharing a virtual desktop via video presentation (screencasting), has become popular with the advent of...  Read more »»
  Organize Webinars Using Epiphan Lecture RecorderPeach New Media is a leading provider of online continuing education, managed webinars, and live webcasting. PNM has taken these services and added social media to create "knowledge communities" to engage participants in a more interactive environment. A webinar, or web conferencing, provides holding live meetings, presentations and trainings over the Internet. They also can be a significant part of online continuing...  Read more »»
  Preparing Tutorial Videos for Embedding on a Web PortalThere are plenty of websites with embedded short clips of training video that impart knowledge on multiple topics. Video tutorials have been recognized as an effective tool in teaching and providing instructions to people who need to become familiar with news products or technology. Preparing videos using screen recording equipment for delivering presentations and trainings as compare to written products has many advantages. Such videos as unique presentations are expected to...  Read more »»
  Why They Choose LRx2? Sound Arguments from a CustomerStreaming video represents now an important technology trend. The rise in popularity of streaming video is good news for different user groups. Those who create education content for conducting lectures and classes remotely greatly benefit from easy-to-use and set up comprehensive video broadcasting. It leverages existing content to create greater community and extends the reach of the content. Business owners who use Internet marketing to reach their target audiences realize...  Read more »»
  Share Turbine Test Results with Customers in Real-TimeAero Energy Services, a division of GE Power, builds, overhauls, tests and services Mega-Watt engines for marine and industrial use, services for which its customers pay millions of dollars. In consideration of its customers’ large investments, Aero strives to provide them with insight into the test process and test results. To enable customers to go online to watch...  Read more »»
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  Capture Images from Agilent Oscilloscope Using Epiphan VGA2EthernetEngineers at Epiphan Systems use a wide array of tools when designing new hardware and upcoming products. One such tool is an Agilent InfiniiVision DSO7104A oscilloscope used to monitor signal voltages and analyze the signal integrity. The Agilent oscilloscope has a VGA output,...  Read more »»
  External SCADA MonitoringA SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system is comprised of software programs and hardware components that are used to gather data in real time and monitor processes and conditions from different locations. The SCADA system warns when a situation may potentially lead to accidents. SCADA is used in multiple industries e.g. oil and gas refining, water and waste control, power plants, transportation. An oil company has implemented a network SCADA system for monitoring...  Read more »»
  Organize Videoconferences Using VGA2EthernetAudio Visuelt Centrum A/S is one of Danish leading audiovisual equipment suppliers. It offers an extensive and highly developed range of internationally tested products. The company is also known for its consulting services in the area of audiovisual equipment installation. Its customers benefit from more than forty years of company’s experience and competence. Christian Dannevang (Sales Representative) explains:...  Read more »»
  VGA2Ethernet - Presentation over Ethernet You are planning to present your ideas to an audience. If participants cannot attend your presentation for whatever reason, there is a way out. New technologies allow you to broadcast presentation over Ethernet to the audience all over the world. Besides you are able to take the presentation file and upload this content on your local intranet or onto the worldwide Internet. Solutions that enable users to broadcast presentation...  Read more »»
  VGA2Ethernet Helps Visitors to Share Data without Using Guest-access Networks As wireless and wired networking grows, offering Internet access to companies’ visitors has become a necessity. Guests, business partners, contractors, vendors, and other temporary users require and expect certain level of network access within organizations that they visit. At the same time security in a computing environment remains one of the main concerns for any company. VGA2Ethernet...  Read more »»
  Access and Diagnose Remote Hardware using Epiphan VGA2USBEurotech Limited produces embedded single board computers, platforms and configurable systems for customers in transportation, communications, defence, security, and industrial engineering industries. With group companies and development operations around the world, Eurotech staff members working on the same project can be located thousands of miles apart. “One of our recent projects involved developing a Linux frame buffer...  Read more »»
  Capture Hardware Video and Images Using VGA2USBiSi Global is a renowned provider of live webcasting services.  The company specializes in providing requirements for professional capturing and broadcasting of video and audio stream over the Internet. iSi is one of the most experienced live webcasting companies in the world. It broadcasts events from radio, university classes, municipal council meetings, and corporate announcements. Video broadcasting brings great...  Read more »»
  Capture Slide Presentations from Multiple Platforms Andrew Shitov is a well-known evangelist of the Perl programming language and organizer of numerous Perl events in Russia. At his conferences, speakers bring their presentation slides on laptops, and Shitov needs to collect their slide presentations. "The speakers bring tens of different kinds of laptop models, and multiple operating systems," he says. This makes it difficult to collect, archive and replay the presentations for...  Read more »»
  Capture, Broadcast, Record Presentations and Conferences using Epiphan VGA2USBTri-Digital specializes in the capture of presentations conducted during in-person and virtual meetings and conferences which are available live online via webcast or on demand after the event.  It develops solutions that enable users to record presentations. Moreover, Tri-Digital’s presentation solution has been used in conferences...  Read more »»
  Create a Podcast using VGA2USB as a Video SourceThere’s a lot of material that you are interested in and it is not available on TV. You are going to shoot some footage with a camera and edit it with one of the popular tools which are familiar to you. It can be a documentary, a reality show, an interview, or maybe a short film. Hosting of your TV programs is so easy when you have on-hand all necessary equipment – hardware, software and a computer – even on a shoe-string budget. You have the freedom to be creative...  Read more »»
  Create High-Quality Videos with BoinxTV and Epiphan VGA2USBBoinx Software products enable Macintosh computer users to create professional “TV-style” recordings of video podcasts, events, lectures and seminars using the BoinxTV “television studio in a box.” Users can quickly create videos with high production quality. Many Mac users turned to BoinxTV to record lectures and seminars,...  Read more »»
  Document Engineering Procedures with Epiphan VGA2USBL-3 Communications specializes in aircraft modernization and maintenance and provides a number homeland defence products and services for emerging markets. To document its electronic systems procedures, the company is using Epiphan’s VGA2USB frame grabber. Using...  Read more »»
  ePresence Webcasting SolutionePresence is the world's first open source rich media webcasting solution, developed at the University of Toronto in Ontario, Canada. The system streams presentations in multiple media formats  including Flash, Windows Media, Real Media and QT/MP4, so that publishers of multi-media content don't have to worry about the end user's operating system(s), available bandwidth, or browser choice. ePresence...  Read more »»
  Expand Mobile Computing Service Capabilities with Epiphan VGA2USBC1 Consulting provides hardware and engineering services focused on mobile computing solutions. This work involves the use of a wide range of mobile devices, from pocket PC-based handhelds to enterprise-level applications, as well as rugged commercial devices and heads-up display systems used in military environments. C1 uses and resells the Epiphan VGA2USB...  Read more »»
  Improve Speed and Quality of Technical Documentation with Epiphan VGA2USBAt Electronic Design and Manufacturing, William Hudson is responsible for the production of technical documentation about the design process the company uses for printed circuit boards (PCBs) and computer hardware. To print the output of software from the engineering computer hardware, Hudson uses Epiphan's  Read more »»
  Improve Technical Documentation using Epiphan VGA2USBAs a documentation writer at ARAM Systems, Jeff Sheremeta knows that sometimes, a picture can be worth a thousand words. Including screen captures in the technical documentation materials that he writes is important to producing a useful and complete final product. Sheremeta works at a company that designs hardware and software systems that include various interface cards requiring specific setup procedures....  Read more »»
  Managing a Visual ImpairmentAs a faculty member at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium, Jan Ramon often needs to participate in lectures and conferences where presentations are projected. However, a visual impairment makes it necessary for him to view the presentation content on his own laptop screen rather than on a distant projection screen. Ramon uses Epiphan's VGA2USB...  Read more »»
  Presentation Broadcasting SolutionPresentations 2Go provides effortless recording, storage, and public distribution of lectures, online training, press conferences, product presentations, conferences, congresses and other events or meetings. The product links video imagery of the speaker to the presentation slides and enables the  whole thing to be broadcast live and stored online for re-use. Can-iT...  Read more »»
  Record and Publish Podcasts Using Epiphan VGA2USB Frame GrabberWebcastor, a company based in France, specializes in providing webcasting solutions to professionals and universities. Webcastor has integrated Epiphan's VGA2USB frame grabber to its rich media recording tool, INWICAST Publisher, a user friendly and all-in-one tool for recording all kinds of podcasts by simply using a microphone, a camera...  Read more »»
  Record Part Tests Directly to Network Using Epiphan VGA2USBGKN Aerospace is a First Tier supplier to the global aviation industry, working on every major fixed and rotary-wing aerospace platform. As is the case in many industries, GKN's product testers record their tests using analogue data capture. Paul Keating, Production Engineer, Ice Protection Systems at GKN, explains that the company wished to move away from that method and instead...  Read more »»
  Share Technical Demos Online Using Epiphan VGA2USBNicolas de Loof helps to organize a Java User Group (JUG), BreizhJug, whose members meet monthly for technical conferences. The group publishes the sessions online for broader and archival access by its members. But, Nicolas notes that using a camcorder to capture both the speaker and the presentation slides resulted in virtually illegible presentation slides in the recorded...  Read more »»
  Simplify Development and Speed Time-to-Market with Epiphan ProductsDIMESO is  a worldwide distributor of products for the digital media market. The company has specialized in framegrabbers since 1996, providing for solutions for medical applications, traffic control, surveillance/monitoring, telecommunications and documentation. DIMESO carries the entire Epiphan product line of...  Read more »»
  Testing Submarine Electronics with Epiphan VGA2USBSAES of Spain specializes in submarine electronics and acoustics. The company is using Epiphan's VGA2USB frame grabber to test the user interfaces of its acoustics processing electronics and mine hunting/sweeping devices. Using VGA2USB, SAES is able to grab frames from its...  Read more »»
  Troubleshooting Recycling Machinery with Epiphan's VGA2USB Test setup in training room of TiTech GmbH in Germany TiTech is a leader in automated waste sorting. Its products sort through waste and identify materials that can be recovered or recycled. "We purchased a number of Epiphan's VGA2USB frame grabbers to help our service engineers troubleshoot problems on-site at customer locations," explains Stefan...  Read more »»
  Usability Testing using VGA2USBWhen a monitor needs to be recorded in a fixed or mobile usability lab environment, a solution that is compact and powerful, yet easy to implement is required. Furthermore, usability testing usually involves capturing the outputs of several monitors and synchronizing them for playback. A usability lab device consists of a workstation that records the output from all audio/video capture devices that are connected to it and synchronizes them into a single or several files which...  Read more »»
  Use VGA2USB alongside Norton Ghost to Install BackupsWhen Soon Keng Ng of QuadTech Automated Printing Press wanted to use Norton Ghost to run backups of corporate servers, he ran into the problem of needing to carry a monitor around with him in order to access each server individually and looking for space and a power source in order to install the monitor. Using the VGA2USB...  Read more »»
  VGA2USB - Software Testing Tool and Possible IntegrationXENGDA Technology Co., Ltd is a provider of multi-screen and grid screen application hardware and software. Since its foundation in 2006 the company produces solutions applied in e-education, presentation and exhibition fields. Its products range include Mimic Builder – software tool for rapid e-learning, hardware solutions for applications displaying multiple signals, Multi-Video Presentation System that displays...  Read more »»
  Adobe Flash Media Encoder and VGA2USB LR Perform Live Streaming From Any Screens Video streaming technologies allows users to prepare, manage and distribute professional quality video and audio files as well as share them with the audience all over the world. It is well known that live event streaming is a very informative means. This approach enables solving multiple tasks in numerous domains. It is possible to deliver live or recorded education and training to multiple office locations, provide corporate training for employees no matter where they are located,...  Read more »»
  Capture and Publish Conference Presentations Using Epiphan VGA2USB LRFullView Media creates enhanced online video and audio media—such as webcasts and podcasts—for sales, marketing and training communications. To easily capture VGA output from presenters at conferences and training seminars, the company uses Epiphan's VGA2USB LR and VGA2USB HR frame...  Read more »»
  Capture Video from Conferences and Training Seminars with Epiphan VGA2USB Frame GrabbersMedia companies specializing in webcasts, webinars, podcasts and virtual conferences need to capture video from conferences and training seminars. This content is used during organizing webcasts, podcasts, webinars and web conferences. Usually capturing is performed with the help of frame grabbers. For these needs a range of media compa­nies generally uses two modifications of the VGA2USB frame grabber from Epiphan: VGA2USB...  Read more »»
  Capturing Device's Error Screen Using Epiphan VGA2USB LR Hitachi High-Technologies, a trading company with an emphasis on creativity and leading-edge technology, is a member of the Hitachi Group. The company handles a wide variety of products - from scientific instruments and systems, industrial machinery and materials to computers, peripherals, and electronic devices. The Software Service division at Hitachi High-Technologies Korea is responsible for servicing the company's semiconductor...  Read more »»
  Combine Multiple Video Streams with Epiphan VGA2USBAmerican Video Systems, Inc. provides SMATV, MATV, CATV, CCTV Televisions Systems and specializes in Teleconferencing Solutions and Audio Visual Systems for Conference and/or Training Room environments. The company recently deployed the Epiphan VGA2USB...  Read more »»
  Use VGA2USB LR for VGA Capture in a Broadcast SolutionLive broadcasting yourself is so easy now. Broadcast media is an ever growing and evolving field - whether you are planning podcast marketing for boosting your credibility, or just make a show for fun. With the affordability of camcorders and recordable media as well as increasing broadband connectivity, video broadcasting is available for everyone. A great choice of appropriate hardware and software opens great perspectives for all who are interested in various types of digital...  Read more »»
  VGA2USB LR Enables Podcasting Video from iPad and PowerPoint SlideshowsPodcasting allows you to distribute on the Internet video or audio files like radio broadcastings. These materials can be downloaded and viewed or listened on computers or mobile phones. If your audience is subscribed to a podcast, it is delivered to their devices automatically. Your subscribers don’t do anything to get it. What equipment do you need to create a podcast? In respect to audio podcast one has to record an audio program and broadcast it via Internet. The required...  Read more »»
  VGA2USB LR Helps to a Visually Impaired PC Technician to Repair Software Assistive technologies include various assistive, adaptive, and rehabilitative devices for people with disabilities. Such technologies promote greater independence as they enable people to perform tasks that they were formerly unable to accomplish by providing enhancements to the technology needed to accomplish such tasks. Image capturing devices play a great role in providing effective means to improve the quality of life for disabled people. Here is some interesting feedback...  Read more »»
  VGA2USB LR Helps to Prepare Training Video during Supercomputing Academy Meeting in MoscowSummer Supercomputing Academy (SSA) is a unique educational initiative of Lomonosov Moscow State University aimed at popularization of supercomputing technologies and parallel computing in science, education and industry. The Academy’s goal is to ensure intensive education for different target groups which cover various areas of supercomputing technologies. 150 attendees from 5 countries were able to choose among multiple parallel educational tracks and events shaping an individual...  Read more »»
  VGA2USB LR is an Efficient Tool in FPGA Development The FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) is an integrated circuit containing many identical logic cells.   Each logic cell can independently take on any limited set of personalities.  A matrix of wires and programmable switches interconnects the individual cells. The FPGA's function is defined by a program created by user rather than by the device’s manufacturer. This programmability allows the user to access complex integrated designs reducing the overall...  Read more »»
  Webcast Live Events Using Epiphan VGA2USB LRWebcasting can help you to improve the effectiveness of your conference proceedings. You can use webcasting for e-learning or distance or purposes, marketing and promotion, or it can be an additional benefit for those who don’t want to travel. The reasons for webcasting are infinite. Conducting a webcast you can understand how to teach and to explain. You will enhance your skill set and research the content for the webcast since it is a good motivator to learn something...  Read more »»
  Organize Podcasting with VGA2USB Pro and Adobe Flash Media EncoderPodcasting is an advanced technology that is receiving currently a great deal of attention. It empowers users to distribute on the Internet video and/or audio content. Your subscribers can download and view your podcast on computers or mobile phones. Besides when someone is subscribed to a podcast, it is delivered to their devices automatically and there’s no need to do anything to get it. Let’s assume you have already concerned yourself with your goal, your key messages and...  Read more »»
  Share Videos During Your WebEx Sessions Using VGA2USB ProOnline meeting are more cost-effective than paying for travel to meet in person. They provide a forum for people to share information and ideas via remote locations. People are able to work faster and smarter. WebEx is a handy conference call application for your computer developed and provided by Cisco. Sharing your video image as well as documents are a few of the advantages of using the WebEx service to facilitate your conference calls. This program fully integrates traditional...  Read more »»
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  Corporate Video Conferencing for Local and Remote AttendeesThe following describes how Epiphan customers are transforming their traditional audio conferencing to a high performance multi media video conferencing facility without the need to install complex systems or special network configurations. Epiphan products capture the meeting and the multi media presentations and then stream HD video to remote participants as shown below. This solution can be used from a meeting room, or your desktop. Click...  Read more »»
  Streaming Visual Data from SCADA Using VGADVI BroadcasterSCADA is an acronym for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. SCADA systems are used in energy, water and waste control, and telecommunications industries for controlling and monitoring equipments or plants. What does a typical SCADA system comprise of?  These are the components: human-machine interface (HMI), supervisory system, remote terminal units (RTUs), programmable logic controller (PLCs), and communication infrastructure. Human-Machine Interface displays all processed...  Read more »»
  Use VGADVI Broadcaster to Create a VGA, DVI, HDMI AV Extender Bridge2Epiphan VGADVI Broadcaster™ can be used as an ultra long distance VGA/DVI/HDMI display source extender. This unique solution that enables a user to propagate the DVI, HDMI1 video or VGA output from any display source to another projector or display screen equipped with a set top box, or Smart TV elsewhere. These remote displays can be in the same building, or across the internet. ...  Read more »»
  VGADVI Broadcaster as Video Conferencing ToolVideo conferencing is an efficient business communication tool and strategic enabler of the computer age. High-tech companies, government agencies, and multilocation companies regularly use video conferencing to share critical information, conduct training, organize meetings, and hold strategic discussions. During economic downturns and recessions, video conferencing as a competitive tool makes a strong comeback helping companies save in travel costs. Video conferencing in business...  Read more »»
  VGADVI Broadcaster Enables Recording of Collaboration Events in the Adobe Connect Pro EnvironmentGreat projects for business are created by great meetings. In many businesses employees are scattered all over the place and it complicates meetings management. Very often we can say that they are a necessary evil although discussions can be the most profitable of all business forums. Fortunately this does not mean that all meetings should be attended in person. Online meetings and software designed for their needs are very popular with many companies today. Adobe Acrobat Connect...  Read more »»
  VGADVI Broadcaster is an Efficient Corporate Communication Tool Video realizes greater information retention than other media types. Cutting-edge video and audio broadcasting equipment makes it easy for you to record and broadcast whole channels of video content. Live broadcasting gives the ability to stream live video directly from the user's computer or video capturing devices. Multiple companies can take advantage of live video broadcasting. It provides more effective corporate communication without hardware equipment upgrades or expensive...  Read more »»
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  Integration of VGA Broadcaster in Automated Testing EquipmentGate Elektronik Inc. provides services in the field of electronics using high technology systems and equipment. Its main activities are depot level maintenance of military/industrial systems, system integration and maintenance engineering, software development and electronic manufacturing. The company is oriented on development and implementation of IT solutions for the defense industry and develops a range of testing...  Read more »»
  Simple and Reliable Solution for Video BroadcastingAccenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company committed to delivering innovation. Accenture collaborates with clients to help them to enter new markets, increase revenues in existing markets, improve operational performance and deliver their products and services more effectively and efficiently. Online video broadcasting delivers your message to the world. The video broadcasts...  Read more »»
  VGADVI Broadcaster Pro Streams Conference Presentations to Visually Impaired and Hearing Impaired Attendees A good conference organizer knows the importance of providing equal access to audio-visual content to all attendees, whether local or remote. This includes any attendees with hearing and visual impairments. At the event venue, the visually impaired attendee may experience difficulties viewing live presentation on the displays, stage or podium at the conference, located outside of their visual abilities or line of sight. The visually impaired will appreciate having the presentation...  Read more »»
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  Capturing Images from Microscopes with VGADVI RecorderUsing microscopes to capture images for diagnosing multiple problems usually require proper microscope setup, appropriate specimen preparation and correct use of this equipment. Specimen preparation is an important aspect of capturing microscope images, and varies greatly with subjects. Although specific microscopes may vary in functions and operation, principles of setup and manipulation are usually similar. As with any images used for diagnoses, relative size is extremely important....  Read more »»
  Online Software Tutorials: Recording and PublishingA software company is a producer of a drawing and graphics application. Its uses are suitable for modeling and animation. In its simplest configuration, this application can be used by anyone interested in simple modeling and/or animation. For more sophisticated users like engineers or scientists, this application can be configured to allow users to visualize and manipulate multiple mathematical models in different dimensions.Apart from developing this modeling application, the...  Read more »»
  Record Video Conferences without installing softwareEpiphan's recording products allow you to record audio video conferences without installing any software.  The Epiphan recorder product is connected to the audio video out from the video conference system and the device records the video conference to video files stored in the internal memory.   Record Single Display Video Conference Click here for more information...  Read more »»
  Record Visual Data from SCADA SystemsSCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems are used to monitor and control equipment or plants in industries such as telecommunications, transportation, energy, water and waste control, oil and gas refining. These systems encompass the transfer of data between a SCADA central host computer and a number of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and/or Remote Terminal Units (RTUs), the central host and the operator terminals. Click...  Read more »»
  Recording and Archiving Presentations Using Epiphan VGA Recorder LiteAccenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company committed to delivering innovation. Accenture collaborates with clients to help them to enter new markets, increase revenues in existing markets, improve operational performance and deliver their products and services more effectively and efficiently. As businesses are expanding and companies grow larger, it is important to make sure...  Read more »»
  VGA Recorder Lite is used to Broadcast a Conference from Military Campus Omnix Media Networks is the leading integrator for high-end Video systems in the Middle East. The company provides the industry's most advanced audio and video technology, maximum flexibility, input and output connectivity and robust management tools designed to fit even the most demanding environments. Omnix used Epiphan’s VGA Recorder Lite to implement a distant lecturing system. Jack Tadros, system design engineer in Omnix, explains:...  Read more »»
  VGADVI Recorder - Flexible and Reliable RecordingIn the last years, representing and promoting goods and services, providing training sessions and webinars became very essential and popular for business. Web conferences and webinars are the most powerful sales tools today. Why? Turning over dozens of web pages trying to find information on new goods or services – is not the ideal way for customers and new clients. Web conferences, promotion sessions and online tutorials – all such activities - are the fastest way...  Read more »»
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  Record Meetings, Archive and Upload to FTP ServerConferencing equipment is broadly applied in various businesses. It allows participants to stay in touch with their staff or team, particularly if due to some reasons it is hard or impossible to organize meetings on a regular basis. No matter whether you are organizing a standard, video or web conference – the problem of recording and archiving is one of the primary needs. At first instance it is necessary to acquire equipment providing clear communications...  Read more »»