Transfer recorded files to a portable USB drive or thumb drive

Epiphan appliances (VGADVI Broadcaster, VGADVI Broadcaster Pro, VGADVI Recorder, VGADVI Recorder Pro, Lecture Recorder x2, DVI Broadcaster DL, and VGA Grid) allow a user to save recorded data to internal solid state memory.

Epiphan products equipped with the USB connectors can also be used to copy recorded files or make a backup copy of your files using an external USB flash drive formatted with one partition in the following file systems: FAT16, FAT32, ext4, ext3, ext2. This is a great feature for professional AV service providers that want to provide a copy of the presentation to the speaker before they leave the presentation venue.

recording screen video

To use a USB flash drive with your appliance, follow the steps below after you have successfully installed your appliance for recording.

Step 1: Connection

You can connect a flash drive to the appliance any time – no matter whether it is functioning or not. Stick a flash drive into a USB port on your Epiphan appliance and press lightly. The stick fits into the port only one way. After inserting, the appliance will recognize the stick, however, this occurs without any user notification whatsoever.

capturing and recording images

Step 2: Recording

The Epiphan appliances copy the previously recorded files to the inserted USB flash drive starting from the oldest record to the newest. The flash drive’s LED (if any) will be blinking indicating data transfer. The appliance copies data to the flash drive until there is not enough storage space for additional files.

Due to speed limitations flash drives are not capable of recording data on the fly. This means that while the previously recorded data captured by the appliance on its internal solid state memory will be backed-up on the flash drive, the currently recording file cannot be copied until the file is closed and available for copying.

Once the data has been copied, safely remove the flash drive. To check its free storage along with the files that have been copied and their size, insert the drive into a computer and see its properties.

The image below is a screenshot from the Web admin interface. Recording is enabled. The already recorded files are listed.

record DVI stream

The VGA Grid has an External USB Drive option which allows you to specify how the recorded files are copied to the USB flash drive. You can either upload the latest 500 recordings to the inserted USB drive or set up the VGA Grid to upload every new recording to the USB flash drive as soon as it is made.

recording DVI and VGA video

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