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VGA Printer™ is a unique One-Touch Specialized Video Source Printing Solution that can print a VGA display or DVI or HDMI video display signal output to a standard postscript printer with the push of a button.

Does any software need to be installed on the VGA source or does the VGA source have to be modified in any way?

No. Simply connect the VGA Printer to the source and the printer. No modifications need to be done.

Does VGA Printer work with network printers?

Yes. VGA Printer works with network printers that are connected to the same LAN as the VGA Printer itself.

How do I adjust the settings on the VGA Printer?

Settings on the VGA Printer may be adjusted via a web interface.

Does VGA Printer reduce the resolution of the images it captures in order to print them?

No. VGA Printer captures and transfers every pixel of the original VGA frame in 24-bits-per-pixel, 8:8:8 format. In this respect, VGA Printer provides diagnostic-quality images – limited only by the quality of your printer.

The video mode that I am using is not listed in the list of supported modes for VGA Printer. Can VGA Printer capture and print in this mode?

Please contact us. We are always looking for ways to improve our system and may be willing to add support for this mode.

Can VGA Printer function alongside other Epiphan products?

Yes, products like the VGA Broadcaster Lite and VGA Recorder Lite all function alongside the VGA Printer. Please contact us for a specialized solution.

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Latest News

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