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Sorry, this product is no longer available

VGA Recorder Standard Product Overview

The VGA Recorder PRO product has been replaced with VGADVI Recorder Pro.
More performance, more storage, more features.
VGADVI Recorder Pro - Epiphan's VGADVI Recorder Pro™ records audio and up to two video display and two camera sources. VGADVI Recorder Pro is available in multiple form factors and configurations. VGADVI Recorder Pro

VGA Recorder Standard Discontinued Product Description

Epiphan VGA Recorder Standard™ server provides a simple and innovative means for users to simultaneously record VGA or DVI screen signal source and Audio signals into a single .avi file.

Unlike VCR based solutions, VGA Recorder Standard captures 100% of the native image quality from a VGA or DVI video screen signal source and synchronously combines the VGA or DVI signal source with the audio source.

Key Features

VGA Recorder Standard

VGA Recorder Standard is invaluable for recording presentations, conferences and training sessions, user interaction with computers and other devices with VGA/DVI screen outputs, and for general monitoring and security purposes.

With VGA Recorder Standard server, it is now possible to easily and cost-effectively record hours of high resolution screen images and audio from a DVI/VGA signal source. This is ideal for meeting rooms and conference centers that want to record all the presentations without installing any software on presenter laptops, nor is there a need to provide presenters with network access or copying presentations from USB keys.

VGA Recorder Standard simplifies any conference room, meeting room or industrial applications that requires the automated archiving of DVI or VGA and Audio signals that are otherwise difficult to capture.

VGA Recorder Standard is simple to use. It is an external standalone device configurable through its easy to use web interface. VGA Recorder Standard Server is available as a small form factor unit or a 4U rack-mount chassis. The system can also be upgraded with additional storage options

VGA Recorder Standard

VGA Recorder Standard : Resolution, Form Factor and Storage Options

Form Factors VGA Recorder compact form factor
VGA Recorder rack mount
The VGA Recorder is available in a compact form factor as well 4 U Rackmount
DVD Writer VGA Recorder optional DVD writer The VGA Recorder has an optional DVD writer
Internal Storage VGA Recorder internal storage The VGA Recorder base configuration includes an internal 320G hard drive. There is also a 250G solid state storage option.
External Storage VGA Recorder external usb storage You can connect an external USB storage device to a VGA Recorder USB port to quickly back up files. The USB storage device can be a USB hard disk or a USB flash drive.

The following table summarizes the various VGA Recorder Standard Form Factors

VGA Recorder Option Form Factor Video Input Internal Storage
Small Form Factor DVI/VGA Compact Dual mode VGA or DVI 320GB HDD
Rackmount DVI/VGA 500 Rackmount 4U Dual mode VGA or DVI 500GB HDD
Small Form Factor DVI Compact High throughput DVI-D 320GB HDD
Small Form Factor VGA Compact High throughput VGA 320GB HDD
Rackmount DVI 500 Rackmount 4U High throughput DVI-D 500GB HDD
Rackmoumt VGA 500 Rackmount 4U High throughput VGA 500GB HDD
Small Form Factor VGA 250 GB SSD Compact High throughput VGA 250GB SSD

Other Options:
- Small Form Factor has an optional DVD Writer , and a 500GB hard drive option

- Rackmount has an optional DVD Writer, a hard drive upgrade to 2TB, and a removable hard drive option


Automated Conference or Meeting Presentation Recording

VGA Recorder Conference Proceeding

In this application, the Epiphan customer is automatically recording all presentations in a conference or meeting room without installing any client software. VGA Recorder creates video file conference proceedings available to attendees and remote viewers on a webserver or FTP server accessible via browser or media player over the internet.

Non-obtrusive Recording of Security Console or Central Station

VGA Recorder Security Console Recording

In this application, the Epiphan customer is automatically recording all video surveillance output to the central security console. This Digital Video Recording(DVR) application is useful for incident reporting and investigations, adding an extra layer of business controls around security system monitoring. Without any software installed on the security system, VGA Recorder non-obtrusively records the display output of the operator console. In this case the VGA recorder is configured as a security DVR recorder to automatically store recorded video files on network storage systems without console operator intervention, or knowledge.

Industrial Manufacturing Lot Tracing Recording

VGA Recorder Industrial Manufacturing

Simply connect and record manufacturing and industrial control computer display- Epiphan does not require any software installation or networking interactions with your industrial process. Epiphan VGA recorder non-obtrusively records the display.

In this application, the Epiphan customer is recording the display output from a control room for a power station. This same Digital Video Recording(DVR) configuration can be used to record the display output from other industrial equipment displays for such requirements as incident reporting, and lot tracing for manufacturing. Epiphan's VGA Recorder can record days to weeks (depending on resolution) without interruption, as well as automatically transfer files to other servers. VGA Recorder can also apply a timestamp to all recorded output. All this can be done without modifying any of the software or manufacturing equipment - simply intercept the VGA/DVI or HDMI display signal.

More Information

Specifications - VGA Recorder Specifications Summary