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VGA Recorder PRO


Installation and Setup

  1. Connect VGA Recorder to power source
  2. Connect the USB cable (provided) to the back panel of VGA Recorder
  3. Connect the other end of the USB cable into the VGA2USB box (provided)
  4. Connect a VGA cable from any VGA source you would like to record into the other end of the VGA2USB box
  5. Plug an Ethernet cable into the VGA Recorder
  6. Power ON the VGA Recorder
  7. Thats all! VGA Recorder will now record video from your VGA Source from step #4. Saved AVI files are accessible via VGA Recorder's web interface.


VGA Recorder Quick Reference Card
VGA Recorder Quick Reference Guide (PDF - 1MB)

Playing Recorded Movies

  1. Find the IP address of your VGA Recorder box. VGA Recorder is preconfigured to use a DHCP server to obtain the IP address.
    • If your network has a DHCP server you can obtain VGA Recorder's IP address from your DHCP server logs
    • Otherwise, you need to set the following IP configuration on your workstation/laptop: IP address, netmask: Now, VGA Recorder will be accessible as
    If desired, you can configure a static IP address for VGA Recorder later via the web interface.
  2. Open your web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) and point it to the VGA Recorder (e.g.
  3. Enter user name "admin" and your administrator password (by default empty). You can change the administrator password later via web the interface.
  4. Locate the file you wish to play in the list of recordings VGA Recorder has made.
  5. Single-click the link labeled download next to the file you would like to watch.
  6. Thats all! On most systems, the default movie viewer will open automatically. VGA Recorder is preconfigured to use MPEG4 DivX compatible codec. You may need to download it separately or as a part of the codec pack 

Other System Controls

System Status

  1. "STOP" - Use this command to stop the current recording.
  2. "AVI Reset" - Use this command to reset the current recording to zero.
  3. "System Reboot" - Use this command to power cycle your VGA Recorder unit.

Server Configuration

  1. "Video Codec Configuration" - Here you can change the Codec type for recording, the video quality (in kbit/sec), key frame, and maximim file size and duration.
  2. "Network Configuration" - Use these fields to modify connection settings, such as whether to use DCHP or to set static IP Address, Mask, and Gateways.
  3. "Date and Time" - Use these fields to change the system date and time.
  4. "System Access" - Use these fields to change the system UserID and password.