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Sorry, this product is no longer available

VGA Recorder PRO Product Overview

The VGA Recorder PRO product has been replaced with VGADVI Recorder Pro.
More performance, more storage, more features.
VGADVI Recorder Pro - Epiphan's VGADVI Recorder Pro™ records audio and up to two video display and 2 camera sources. VGADVI Recorder Pro is available in multiple form factors and configurations. VGADVI Recorder Pro

VGA Recorder PRO Discontinued Product Description

Epiphan VGA Recorder Pro™ provides a simple, innovative means for users to simultaneously record a VGA, DVI or HDMI1 display screen and audio and analog video source (Composite or S-Video) into a single .avi file.

VGA Recorder Pro Conference Room Recording

Unlike VCR-based solutions, VGA Recorder Pro captures 100% of the native image quality from a VGA, DVI or HDMI display signal source, and can synchronously combine the VGA/DVI/HDMI video signal with analog video and audio sources. VGA Recorder Pro can record all three signal sources at the same time.

VGA Recorder Pro

VGA Recorder PRO is invaluable for recording presentations, conferences, training sessions and user interaction with computers and other VGA/DVI devices, use-ability testing, and for general monitoring and surveillance purposes.

Key Features

VGA Recorder PRO is simple to use. It is an external standalone appliance device configurable through its easy to use web interface. The VGA Recorder Pro is available as a 4U rack mount chassis.

presentation recorder

Because VGA Recorder Pro is an external device that simply connects to video and audio cables, users do not need to open their computers, nor do they need to install software to record their presentations.

Branding and Video Source Overlay, Picture in Picture Features

You can customize the look and feel of your recording by adding a logo for branding and choosing various video source layouts, including picture in picture.

presentation recorder


Storage Features and Options

VGA Recorder Pro blu ray storage The VGA Recorder Pro base configuration includes an internal Blu-Ray DVD writer
VGA Recorder Pro internal storage The VGA Recorder Pro base configuration includes an internal 1TB hard drive and you can also purchase accessory upgrades such as a 2 TB drive option and/or a drive bay that supports removable drives.
VGA Recorder Pro external usb storage You can connect an external USB storage device to a VGA Recorder USB port to quickly back up files. The USB storage device can be a USB hard disk or a USB flash drive.

VGA Recorder Pro Sample Application: Presentation Recorder or Class Room Lecture Recorder

VGA Recorder Pro Conference Room Recording

In this conference room or classroom environment, the presenter's display and audio are captured, while an anolog camera is capturing images from the audience. VGA Recorder Pro is used as a presentation recorder and overlays the video from the attendees with the slides and applies a branding logo to the recording.

VGA Recorder Pro Sample Application: Hearing Impairment / Visual Impairment Assistance

VGA Recorder Pro Hearing Impaired Visual Impaired

In this application environment, the presenter's display and audio is captured, while an analog camera is capturing images from a person presenting sign language translation of the presenter. VGA Recorder Pro overlays the video from the slide presentation with the sign language and applies a branding logo to the recording.

As an added benefit to hearing impaired audience members, the audio channel is transmitted along with the video overlay, which can also be amplified by the local viewer PC

For audience members with visual impairment, the images are displayed on a laptop or PC that can be more clearly seen than a distant screen, and the images can be amplified using hardware and software on the local PC.

More Information

Specifications - VGA Recorder Pro Specifications Summary

1Requires HDMI to DVI adapter cable. HDMI support limited to non copy protected content, and does not include digital audio source, but can record analog audio source