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Lecture Recorder x2 is able to capture the sources and combine them into a single stream before recording, or keep them as separate streams. This demonstration is for a single picture-in-picture steam configuration.

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Picture-in-Picture Single Stream Demonstration Description

The Lecture Recorder x2 is able to grab an image from a computer's output and a s-video device, then digitize them into two distinct URL streams that can be stored to internal solid state memory as a multi-track AVI file without any loss in resolution.

This demonstration illustrates the single stream (picture-in-picture) recording mode. You can experiment with various screen layouts by accessing the Admin interface described below. Moving the SD video source location and/or the independent stream vs. combined streams will show the various layouts that are possible.

All three views are provided in order to allow the administrator to present various views of the event or lecture to their participants. By viewing the streams in different windows, the viewers can also move the browsers to different parts of their display, or even to a second display for added visual effects. For example, the viewer can display the speaker on one display, and the presentation on a second monitor.

Users may access the Lecture Recorder x2 as Administrators and start/stop recording, view, rename, delete, and modify the recordings being made, or configure Lecture Recorder x2 to automatically push recorded files to network storage. User name to access the Lecture Recorder: admin. The password field is to be left blank.