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Sorry, this product is no longer available

KVM2Ethernet Product Overview

Although this KVM2Ethernet product has been discontinued, a replacement product offering is currently in development. In the meantime, please consider the KVM2USB listed below, with a laptop as an alternative solution.

KVM2USB - Epiphan's KVM2USB is a truly portable crash cart. Now, all you need to take with you on administrative site visits is your laptop, the KVM2USB device (roughly the size of a box of paperclips) and the accompanying cable. KVM2USB

KVM2Ethernet Discontinued Product Description

Epiphan KVM2Ethernet™ allows you to remotely access any computerized machine with a VGA output and keyboard/mouse inputs, whether it is in the room next door or on another part of your network. KVM2Ethernet also allows for an easy way to extend the range of a monitor, keyboard, and mouse using an existing LAN infrastructure.

Key Features


KVM2Ethernet Connection Diagram

Eliminate distance limitations by installing a KVM2Ethernet connected to every unit of equipment that needs to be administered remotely. As long as the KVM2Ethernet has access to the LAN, the equipment to which it is connected to may be remotely managed. The source equipment does not need to be modified in any way.


Like the KVM2USB device, KVM2Ethernet can replace bulky “crash cart” setups used by system administrators with a small device the size of a paperback book. Using the KVM2Ethernet, users can administer virtually any computerized machine or embedded system, including:

This product ships with all required hardware and cabling. Software development kits are also available for specialized applications.

More Information

FAQ Look through the most asked questions about the KVM2Ethernet.

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1Note see KVM2Ethernet FAQ for recommended network connection