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Internal Mount Kit for VGA2USB

Epiphan Systems offers an internal mount kit for VGA2USB (Standard, LR, HR, PRO) for clients who want the ease of use and flexibility of the VGA2USB, but would prefer an internal frame grabber solution. Using the internal mount kit, the VGA2USB mounts inside any computer case with an available PCI card backplate. When installed, the VGA port is located on the external side of the computer casing while the mini-USB connector is situated internally, making the internal mount kit ideal for integrators who include the VGA2USB as part of their solution.

The internal mount kit must be purchased as a separate accessory during checkout.

Using the internal mount kit

The internal mount kit is compatible with VGA2USB, VGA2USB LR, VGA2USB HR, and VGA2USB PRO frame grabbers and includes:

A basic set of screwdrivers is required in order to remove the aluminum casing from the VGA2USB and install the internal mount kit. The kit can be installed and removed in a matter of minutes.

VGA2USB HR with internal mount kit installed

VGA2USB HR Internal version