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How many channels can VGADVI Broadcaster Pro capture simultaneously?

VGADVI Broadcaster Pro allows you to capture up to two high resolution video channels through the DVI ports, up to two SD video channels through the S-Video ports and one audio channel simultaneously. They can then be saved and streamed as one file. Depending on model, VGADVI Broadcaster Pro lets you capture:

  • 1 HD channel + 1 SD channel + audio (HD Compact)
  • 2 HD-DL + 2 SD channels + audio (DL Rackmount)

What type of Ethernet interface is required for VGADVI Broadcaster Pro?

In order to maximize performance, VGADVI Broadcaster Pro performs on-board compression before streaming over a GigE Ethernet network connection. For optimum performance, administrators should ensure that their network connection has enough capacity for effective transmission of the video streams.

How many frames per second can VGADVI Broadcaster Pro capture?

VGADVI Broadcaster Pro can capture at rates up to 80 FPS. The actual capture rate of the VGADVI Broadcaster Pro will depend on the CODEC and other settings such as original source resolution, frame size, bit rates and quality vs. speed settings configured for your application. Please refer to the device’s specifications and documentation for guidelines and examples to achieve the ideal frame rate for your applications.

Does VGADVI Broadcaster Pro reduce the resolution of the images it captures?

VGADVI Broadcaster Pro can preserve the original resolution of the images captured by setting the frame size of the channel captured to match the resolution of the source. VGADVI Broadcaster Pro can also perform real time scaling of the incoming source resolution and render to the frame size chosen in the stream setup configuration menus. Configuring the frame size for the HD channel and SD channel allows you to create different visual layouts during streaming and recording of the broadcast event.

Can VGADVI Broadcaster Pro function over a Local Area Network (LAN) or does it need a constant connection to the Internet?

VGADVI Broadcaster Pro does not need to be connected to a LAN or the Internet. VGADVI Broadcaster Pro can function as a stand-alone device or directly connected to the Ethernet port of a computer. Please consult the product documentation for instructions on how to configure the device for stand alone modes. However, if connected to a LAN or the Internet, the VGADVI Broadcaster Pro can automatically archive the recordings it makes to an FTP, CIFS or RSYNC file storage server. As well, a connection to a LAN or the Internet allows the user to use a web interface to remotely manage and access the recordings that VGADVI Broadcaster Pro makes.

The video mode or source resolution that I am using is not listed in the list of supported modes for VGADVI Broadcaster Pro specifications. Can Lecture Broadcaster capture it?

VGADVI Broadcaster Pro analyses the source signals in order to automatically determine the incoming source resolution. If VGADVI Broadcaster Pro does not support the resolution you provide, please contact us. We are always looking for ways to improve our products to add support for this mode.

How can I configure the VGADVI Broadcaster Pro?

VGADVI Broadcaster Pro configuration can be performed through an intuitive web interface. Advanced users may also use HTTP or RS-232 API commands.

What compression does VGADVI Broadcaster Pro use?

VGADVI Broadcaster Pro is compatible with many different video compression formats and codecs. The compression to be used for recording can be set by the user. Please consult the Stream Setup menu or the product documentation for the most recent list of CODECs supported by VGADVI Broadcaster Pro.

Does VGADVI Broadcaster Pro stream to iPad ? MJPEG or Apple Live Streaming Protocol?

VGADVI Broadcaster Pro uses Apple HTTP Live Streaming technology to create a separate native stream for Apple iOS devices such as iPad, iPhone, and iTouch. It can also stream to tablets, phones , viewers, browsers that support MJPEG, MPEG4 or H.264. iPADs support MJPEG streaming and Apple HTTP Live Streaming technology.

Can I use my own storage with VGADVI Broadcaster Pro?

Besides the internal hard disc, the VGADVI Broadcaster Pro supports many storage options. This includes remote FTP repositories, network storage devices, and local storage devices.

How do I broadcast a stream to 10-20-100 or more viewers with VGADVI Broadcaster Pro?

VGADVI Broadcaster Pro supports a number streaming protocols (HTTP, RTP over RTSP, UDP or HTTP) that provide different scalability and underlying network configuration trade offs. HTTP streaming architectures are the simplest, but don’t offer the level of scalability of multicast and content distribution network architectures. Please consult the product documentation for further information. VGADVI Broadcaster Pro is also compatible with all major Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) offering a truly scalable streaming solution to millions of internet viewers on various types of devices.

How do I apply branding, copyright notices to my streams and recordings created with VGADVI Broadcaster Pro?

VGADVI Broadcaster Pro provides multiple mechanisms to brand your streams and recordings. The stream setup menus provide a mechanism to apply timestamp, text such as event name, copyright, time, date, etc. Graphical presentation of the streaming windows can be modified using XLST templates. Branding and graphics can be applied during the video editing process. If you plan to add branding during post production, care should be taken in the layout of the windows so that there is room for the branding you wish to apply.

What is the difference between VGADVI Broadcaster Pro and VGADVI Broadcaster?

VGADVI Broadcaster Pro is a more powerful device designed for mission-critical applications that supports more inputs, more clients, higher resolutions, and higher frame rates. It also has a different form factor and higher storage capacity and stream options.

What is the difference between VGADVI Broadcaster Pro and VGADVI Recorder Pro?

Although, VGADVI Broadcaster Pro and VGADVI Recorder Pro are based on a common technology platform, there are some differences in features and options. Broadcaster Pro has two models, purpose built for multi-channel output streaming applications, with fixed storage size configurations that cannot be customized. Recorder Pro has the same base features as VGADVI Broadcaster Pro but it has more product models and options such as additional options such as storage upgrades, removable drives, RAID.

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