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VGADVI Broadcaster Pro HD Compact

VGADVI Broadcaster Pro

Professional Audio/Video Streaming Appliance

Supports resolutions up to 1920×1200 at 60 fps via single-link DVI interface. Simultaneously captures, streams, and records DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, S-Video and composite video.

Features at a glance

VGADVI Broadcaster Pro HD Connection Diagram

VGADVI Broadcaster Pro is an easy to use solution for capturing, streaming and broadcasting high quality video sources such as presentations with embedded video, diagnostic imagery, industrial training, and live events. The VGADVI Broadcaster Pro captures from the SD sources (S-video/composite) and HD sources (VGA/DVI/HDMI) and streams to one or more synchronized, time-stamped or picture-in-picture streams.

  • Capture from screens or cameras at HD resolutions (1920×1080, 1920×1200)

  • Capture from multiple video ports simultaneously (1 HD, 1 SD)

  • Multi-view capability to flexibly combine multiple sources into a single stream

  • Multi-streaming using duplicate channels with different codecs, formats and/or bitrates

  • Supports VGA, DVI, HDMI, Display Port

  • Supports S-Video, Composite, & RGB component

  • Managed and controlled either locally or over a network

  • Support for many simultaneous streaming clients or publishing to CDNs

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VGADVI Broadcaster Pro HD Compact

Technical Specifications

VGA/DVI Screen Video Interface(s) One DVI-I (single link), VGA to DVI cable included, HDMI to DVI cable included
Video Interfaces One S-Video / Composite
Audio Interfaces Two 3.5mm line-in (stereo)
Video Codec / Compression H.264, MPEG4, MJPEG
Video Bit Rates up to 16 Mbit/s
Key Frames 1,5,20,50,100,200,500,1000
Color Resolution 24 bits per pixel
Maximum resolution 1920×1200
Frame Rate Typical VGA/DVI frame rates:
Resolution fps
640×480 80
800×600 70
1024×768 60
1280×1024 60
1920×1080 60
1920×1200 60
Video Format Options RGB plus separate HSync and VSync signals;
RGB plus CSYNC signal;
RGB with Sync-on-Green synchronization
Maximum Frame Rate Up to 80 fps
Audio Codec PCM, MP3, AAC
Audio Sampling Rate 44100, 22050 kHz
Audio Bitrate 64 - 160 kb/s
Record File Format AVI, MOV
Video Filters Frame Timestamping (selectable timestamp position), Custom Logo Overlay
Player Application MS Media Player, Quick Time, VLC
Access to Recorded Files Web, FTP, automatic FTP upload, automatic RSYNC synchronization, USB
Operator's Interface Web Based Interface, RS-232 (Crestron/AMX ready)
Time Synchronization NTP, TIME (RFC 868), PTP v1 (IEEE-1588-2002 V1)
Storage 1 TB
Special Features Native Apple HTTP stream support (for iPad, iPhone, iTouch)
Product Dimensions Compact Server: 3.8" × 8.7" × 12.9" (96 mm × 222 mm × 328 mm)
Product Weight 9 kg / 20 lb
S-Video Max Resolution 640×480
S-Video Format NTSC, PAL
Country of Origin Final Assembly and Manufacturing: North America (Canada)

What's in the box

What's in the Box?

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