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Sorry, this product is no longer available

VGA2WiFi Product Overview

VGA2WiFi has been replaced by VGADVI Broadcaster with a WiFi Router or Access point.

VGADVI Broadcaster as wireless AV Bridge or video streaming source
  • Most of VGA2WiFi features are now integrated into all VGADVI Broadcaster and VGADVI Recorder Products.
  • Stream video to wireless clients.
  • Download recorded files over WiFi.
  • Transmit VGA, DVI, HDMI signal over video stream over WiFi
  • playback on set top box or smart TV
  • Ultra long distance extender for VGA, DVI, HDMI, s-video, composite
  • Input VGA, DVI or HDMI and send to remote displays
  • Simultaneous VGA/DVI/HDMI + S-Video + Audio capture
  • Transmit video stream using MPEG-TS to set top boxes and smart TVs in overflow rooms, remote displays
  • Support for all resolutions up to 1920x1200
  • Power-over-Ethernet

Epiphan Systems VGA2WiFi™ is an innovative wireless VGA / DVI display or camera source over WiFi solution for the broadcast streaming of any presentation or DVI/VGA signal to an audience wirelessly. Using the common 802.11b/g Wi-Fi wireless standard, users can view the output of a DVI or VGA source on their laptop computers, PDAs, smart phones, or other Wi-Fi enabled device with a compatible browser or viewer.

Key Features



How it works

The video source or presentation projector is connected to the VGA2WiFi device via a standard DVI or VGA cable. VGA2WiFi streams the encoded video stream to the local LAN's router via WiFi. VGA2WiFi presents a HTTP webserver to the network were viewers can then access the URL to view the live broadcast by launching a web browser/viewer. Wired and wireless viewers then enter the URL address of the broadcast for live streaming of the presentation


VGA2WiFi supports multiple compression and streaming formats, no additional software or codecs need to be installed on the viewer’s computers or mobile devices. As well, since VGA2WiFi is a stand-alone external device, the source device does not need to be modified in any way.

Setup and configuration of the VGA2WiFi is done through an intuitive web interface, which is accessed simply by entering the IP address of the device in your browser, allowing you to send DVI or VGA to WiFi in a matter of seconds.


VGA2Wifi Form Factor - Connectors


More Information

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