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VGA2WEB Standard Version Product Overview

VGA2WEB is a web presentation product that broadcasts a visual signal received from any VGA port. Rather than requiring users to download proprietary software to their computers, VGA2WEB simply plugs in and presents.

VGA2WEB is a simple and cost-effective web presentation solution for trainers, tech support, conferences, enterprises, sales staff, distance education providers and more.

VGA2WEB Standard


Secure - its does not run as software on user computers and transfers only monitor images. System data files are never vulnerable to outsiders, and the visual information that is transmitted can be encrypted on-the-fly.

Simple - just plug it in and present. No scheduling or prior set-up is required. No firewall arrangements need to be made. And, there is no software to download or user interface to learn.

Low-cost - with VGA2WEB, you own the web presentation capability outright. There are no setup or usage fees and it accommodates an unlimited number of participants. It is three to four times less costly than WebEx or LiveMeeting solutions.

Versatile - VGA2WEB works with any operating system, including Linux/Unix, Windows and Mac. It is also the only solution of its kind to transfer images from most web cameras, cursors or any other objects generated on the screen by DMA.

VGA2WEB Standard

How it Works

To use VGA2WEB, the presenter simply plugs a VGA cable into any VGA port then attaches it to the VGA2WEB product. VGA2WEB then interacts with the Epiphan Systems collaboration server to deliver the visual content to remote participants via the web. Remote participants simply open a web browser and enter a password. For more details, you can read the VGA2WEB specifications.

Integrate It

VGA2WEB can be integrated into your existing web infrastructure.