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VGA Grid

Highly Scalable Recording and Streaming Solutions

Capture, synchronize, record and stream high definition video from computer displays, cameras, instrumentation, and industrial equipment. Highly scalable architecture sup­porting many simultaneous HD video sources.

The VGA Grid system is a highly scalable video recording and streaming system which can either be deployed as a standalone system per­for­ming capture of directly connected video sources or as a networked solution supporting capture of remote sources using encoders con­nec­ted over an Ethernet/IP network.

  • Scalable. Record up to 64 channels of HD video simultaneously
  • Networked. Remote source capture via Ethernet/IP networks
  • Synchronized. Synchronization of captured sources to ensure
    accurate recording
  • High Performance. HD video at 30 frames per second
  • Feature Rich. Recording, Multi-Streaming, and Multiview
Standalone Recording/Streaming A single 4U Rackmount chassis capable of per­forming capture, synchronization, encoding, recording, multi-streaming and multiview fun­ctions. Available with either four or six internal capture cards supporting resolutions up to 2560×1600 or 2048×2048 for DVI, HDMI or VGA sources. Learn more...
6-card VGA Grid
6×DVI-I, 6×S-Video/
Composite, 7×audio
4-card VGA Grid
4×DVI-I, 4×S-Video/
Composite, 5×audio
Networked Recording/Streaming A scalable, networked solution consisting of multiple VGA Grid HD Encoders connected to a single VGA Grid Concentrator.

VGA Grid Concentrator. Single 4U Rackmount chassis performing synchronization, recording, streaming, and multiview. Provides centralized interface for control, operation, and manage­ment of connected encoders. Learn more...

VGA Grid HD Encoder. Networked encoder capturing and encoding audio/video sources. Supports resolutions up to 1920×1200 for DVI, HDMI or VGA sources. Learn more...