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VGA Broadcaster Lite

Technical Specifications

Connectors Two DVI-I (digital + analog) connectors
One Ethernet RJ45 connector
One 3.5mm audio input
One 3.5mm audio output
One 5V DC power supply connector or Power-Over-Ethernet (optional)
Supported VGA Modes Up to 1920×1080
Scalability Up to 3 simultaneous HTTP client connections
More participants can be added using multicast or CDN. Please see product documentation or contact Epiphan for more info
Software Upgrade Yes
Frame Rate Up to 30 frames per second
Stream Formats
ASF over HTTP, FLV over HTTP, RTP/RTSP unicast (TCP and UDP), RTP multicast (UDP), MJPEG
Supported CODECs
MPEG4, H.264, MOV, MJPEG (video)
MP3, PCM (audio)
Bandwidth 400-10000 kbs
Additional Hardware
Active VGA/DVI splitter/converter
Viewer Application VLC Player, QuickTime Player, Adobe Flash Plugin (Browser)
Operator's Interface
Web Interface
Special Features No Moving Parts
Dimensions 7.95"×4.13"×1.38", 202×105×35mm
Weight 1.4 lb, 635 g