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Sorry, this product is no longer available

VGA Bridge Product Overview

VGA Bridge has been discontinued and replaced by VGADVI Broadcaster, combined with a set top box or Smart TV.

VGA Bridge has been superceded by VGADVI Broadcaster with a Set Top Box or Smart TV.

VGADVI Broadcaster as AV Bridge
  • Ultra long distance extender for VGA, DVI, HDMI, s-video, composite
  • Input VGA, DVI or HDMI and send to remote displays
  • Simultaneous VGA/DVI/HDMI + S-Video + Audio capture
  • Transmit video stream using MPEG-TS to set top boxes and smart TVs in overflow rooms, remote displays
  • Support for all resolutions up to 1920x1200
  • Power-over-Ethernet

Epiphan VGA Bridge™ is an ultra long distance VGA/DVI/HDMI display source extender.
VGA Bridge is a unique solution that enables a user to propagate the DVI, HDMI1 video or VGA output from any display source to another projector or display screen equipped with another VGA Bridge elsewhere on the high speed network

VGA/DVI/HDMI Bridge - Extender over Ethernet

Key Features

VGA Bridge - How it Works

VGA Bridge sends the video output from the source over Ethernet, to another VGA Bridge connected to another projector or display screen. Remote participants can view the original source in real-time, including while speaking with or listening to the presenter on the phone.

Each VGA Bridge device at the source and destination is a stand-alone external portable appliance device. The source display equipment does not need to be modified in any way, and destination display with the VGA Bridge receiver simply connects to the VGA, DVI or HDMI of the destination display. What's more, there is no need for a separate computer on the receiving side. Simply plug the destination monitor that you would like to see the synchronized picture on directly into the VGA Bridge. Virtually every monitor and projector with VGA, DVI, or HDMI capability is compatible with the VGA Bridge.

When two VGA Bridges are connected to a network via an Ethernet connection, they automatically pair once powered on, instantly synchronize the image coming from the input signal to the target monitor.

Epiphan's VGA Bridge supports all VGA, DVI, and HDMI resolutions up to 1920×1200 and, under most conditions, is able to convey a diagnostic-quality signal at transfer rates in excess of 30 frames per second.

HDMI support is limited to unencrypted video signals only.

VGA Bridge Sample Applications

VGA Bridge Conference Room Displays - Ultra Long Distance Display Extender

VGA/DVI/HDMI Bridge - Extender over Ethernet

VGA Bridge makes it possible to “twin” a projector: the visual output from one projector can be bridged directly to another projector or display monitor located in another room.

With VGA Bridge, conference organizers can easily multiply the number of projectors, computer displays, cameras displays used in large rooms or multiple rooms. And, geographically dispersed organizations can share presentations. camera sources and other electronic images in real-time, without the set-up hassles or costs of web conference services.

VGA Bridge Medical Display - Ultra Long Distance Display Extender

VGA DVI HDMI Long distance Bridge extender over Ethernet

Connected to the VGA port on medical equipment—ultrasound medical imaging system, EKG, ventilator, ambulance equipment and more—VGA Bridge captures the images (still or moving) that appear on the screen at virtually original quality, and transmits these images securely over the LAN or high speed WAN.

VGA Bridge Form Factor and Connectors

VGA Bridge is a portable appliance that is 7.95"×4.13"×1.38" ( 202×105×35 mm)
Physical connectors are for Ethernet, display and power connectors.
VGA Bridge also has a built-in splitter converter for added convenience and interoperability.
For more information please see Detailed Product Specifications

VGA BridgeVGA BridgeVGA Bridge

1Requires HDMI to DVI adapter cable. HDMI support limited to non copy protected content, and does not include digital audio source

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