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VGA Recorder Lite
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Key Features and Benefits

Power to the Pathogists.

High Quality - Audio + Dual Video Source Streaming and Recording.

PathConsult™ and PathConsult Pro™‘s integrated hardware platforms for audio and video broadcasting appliances facilitate the transfer of image-rich pathology data between distant locations for the purposes of diagnosis, education, and research.

PathConsult and PathConsult-Pro gives HD streaming and recording power to quickly assess patients needs, not the laboratory power supplies.

Reduce Cost, Cables, Components, Power and Complexity in the Laboratory.

Remove Splitters, Converters, Power Supplies, Cables, Expensive Software, and Dedicated Capture Computer, with noisy fans and motors.

Simplify Your Solution

PathConsult - Simplify Your Solution

Deploy PathConsult or PathConsult Pro- Simple - Secure - Silent - No Moving Parts - Low Power with High Power HD Stream and Record. Simplify Telepathology, Capture, Record and Stream live from the laboratory in HD.

Remain Flexible

PathConsult Pro allow up to 100 pathologists to connect via web browser on any computer, iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch and simultaneously view the live HD video and audio stream from any location.  

*Note. PathConsult allows for up to 10 individual connections and is not compatible with iPad, IPhone or iPod Touch.

PathConsult and PathConsult-Pro Features and Benefits

Single Integrated Device - Record, Stream in HD from the laboratory  

Simple and Secure to Deploy

Capture and synchronize audio, HD and SD video sources        

Record and Stream as 1 channel or 2 channels - up to 30 FPS   

Internal/External Storage and Publishing        

Visual Experience and Branding Features         

Professional AV Features- System Management           

PathConsult and PathConsult Pro are Epiphan’s compact integrated hardware platform solutions for telepathology needs that is 7.95"×4.13"×1.38" (202×105×35mm). The buttons and connector interfaces are shown below.

PathConsult - The buttons and connector