Scanner Manufacturer Improves Corporate Training with Epiphan’s VGA2USB

November 1, 2006


CPS Innovations designs and manufactures PET and PET/CT scanners sold by notable companies such as Siemens, Toshiba and Hitachi. Specializing in recording molecular activity, these scanners are often used to detect cancer or similar medical ailments.

“VGA2USB was the only solution we could find on the market that can go straight from VGA to digital capture”

As manager of technical training, serviceability and diagnostics at CPS Innovations, Joel Reed trains field service, tech support and applications personnel on how to use the company’s scanner equipment. In his training materials, Reed frequently includes screen captures of the visual outputs of his company’s scanners. “In the past, we’d found that we weren’t able to capture all of the screens we wanted to,” recalls Reed. “In one case, we wanted to capture the boot sequence of one of our products, but the software-based screen capture solutions we looked at did not allow us to capture the entire process.”

Reed also did not have a tool to capture high-resolution images. “All the solutions we looked at would make us translate VGA images to television first, and there was just too much data loss.”

Getting high-quality screen captures

Reed found a solution in Epiphan’s VGA2USB frame grabber solution. “VGA2USB was the only solution we could find on the market that can go straight from VGA to digital capture,” says Reed. “That provides us with the clear images we need for our training materials.” CPS Innovations also likes that VGA2USB is platform independent. “Some of our equipment is UNIX-based and the software-based screen capture products we looked at didn’t support UNIX.”

Planning for the future

Reed has plans to use Epiphan’s web broadcasting solution, VGA2WEB, to augment future training materials. “In the past, when we’ve failed to capture every screen in a procedure we’ve had to restart the sequence. With VGA2WEB, we’ll be able to record the entire sequence automatically and save a lot of time.” In the meantime, Reed says that CPS Innovations has a backlog of software procedures requiring screen captures that he can now tackle using the VGA2USB solution. “We’ve been very happy with the product and have it in constant use here,” says Reed. “The delivery was fast and we’ve had no need to use their customer service. Our experience has been very positive.”