Media Releases

2014 News Releases
September 12, 2014Epiphan Systems Joins Works With Wowza™ Partner Program Providing Reliable Video Streaming Capabilities (more)
September 10, 2014AVcom Technologies named to represent Epiphan Systems in four Western States (more)
August 25, 2014New firmware from Epiphan adds RTMP encoding to all its existing streaming and recording devices (more)
July 28, 2014Epiphan Systems Names Ingram Micro as U.S. Distributor (more)
June 18, 2014Focusing on video, broadcast and cinema pros, Epiphan introduces its first portable video capture device for SDI cameras and sources (more)
June 18, 2014From Epiphan, new Pearl appliance captures, streams and records multiple HD sources, including SDI cameras, at once (more)
June 18, 2014Epiphan launches partner program with new dedicated portal (more)
June 18, 2014Epiphan introduces its first video capture card with dual source input for dual channel streaming and conferencing (more)
June 12, 2014Telestream Wirecast Adds Support for Epiphan Devices (more)
May 21, 2014Epiphan Systems showcasing the latest in live audio video capture, streaming and recording at InfoComm14 from June 18-20 in Las Vegas, Nevada (more)
March 18, 2014Epiphan Announces HDMI audio, 60 FPS support for DVI2USB 3.0 (more)
January 27, 2014Epiphan to showcase the latest AV Capture, Streaming, and Recording Appliances and Solutions at Integrated Systems Europe 2014 on February 4-6 in Amsterdam (more)

2013 News Releases
July 1, 2013New firmware adds Set-Top Box and Smart TV functionality to VGADVI Broadcaster, Lecture Recorder x2, VGADVI Recorder (more)
May 21, 2013Epiphan to demonstrate the latest AV Capture, Streaming, and Recording Appliances at Infocomm 2013 on June 12-14 in Orlando, Florida (more)
April 11, 2013Epiphan Systems Inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame (more)
January 23, 2013Epiphan to demonstrate the latest AV Capture, Streaming and Record Appliances at Integrated Systems Europe 2013 on January 29-31 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. (more)
January 15, 2013Epiphan Introduces DVI2USB 3.0 – Next Generation, High Performance External Frame Grabber (more)

2012 News Releases
November 14, 2012Epiphan Systems 3rd Fastest Growing Computers/Peripherals Company in North America
on Deloitte’s 2012 Technology Fast 500™ (more)
November 13, 2012Epiphan Systems Inc. ranks 38th in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50™ Program (more)
October 30, 2012Epiphan Hardware Products Easily Publish Video and Display Streams to Content Distribution Networks (CDNs) (more)
October 22, 2012Epiphan adds DVI2PCIe Frame Grabber Model, Increases Performance and Features (more)
June 7, 2012Epiphan to Showcase New Products at Infocomm 2012 (more)
May 14, 2012Epiphan Introduces VGADVI Broadcaster, a Stand-Alone Video Capture and Broadcast Appliance (more)
February 24, 2012Epiphan to demonstrate new ATC/ATM Video-Audio Capture, Record and Streaming Products at ATC Global 2012 (more)
January 23, 2012Epiphan to demonstrate the latest Capture, Streaming and Record Appliances at Integrated Systems Europe 2012 (more)

2011 News Releases
December 14, 2011Epiphan Introduces DVI2PCIe - A New Internal Capture Card DVI/VGA/HDMI Frame Grabber (more)
November 29, 2011Epiphan Introduces New Product, Lecture Recorder x2, an Integrated Multi-media Live Streaming and Recording Appliance (more)
August 30, 2011Epiphan Partners with Genetec to Provide Monitors and Control Room Security Display Recording (more)
June 7, 2011Epiphan to Showcase Pro-AV Multimedia Capture, Record and Streaming Applications Portfolio (more)
May 11, 2011Epiphan Launches iPhone, iPad, and iTouch Applications (more)
April 21, 2011Epiphan to Launch Next Generation Ultrasound Imaging Product Suite (more)
March 15, 2011Epiphan to demonstrate DistanceDoc and MedRecorder at NASA Technology Day at US Congress Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. (more)
February 15, 2011Epiphan to demonstrate ATC/ATM Video-Audio Capture, Record, Streaming and Replay Products at ATC Global 2011 (more)

2010 News Releases
December 6, 2010Epiphan Releases VGA Broadcaster Lite, a Stand-Alone Video Capture and Broadcast Appliance (more)
June 1, 2010Epiphan Releases DaVinci Platform (more)
March 30, 2010PCI Express Frame Grabber Announced (more)
March 3, 2010Epiphan revolutionizes the VGA splitter (more)

2009 News Releases
October 9, 2009VGA2WEB is now VGA Broadcaster (more)
October 6, 2009Epiphan Systems Announces New Education-Oriented Platform (more)
July 30, 2009Epiphan Frame Grabbers Compatible with Windows 7 (more)
May 25, 2009Epiphan Systems Announces VGA2LAN Development Kit (more)
May 4, 2009Epiphan Systems Releases VGA Broadcaster Lite (more)
April 14, 2009Compact VGA Recording Device Ready to Ship (more)
March 17, 2009New KVM Solution Released (more)
February 25, 2009New Web Presentation Solution Bridges the Gap Between Simplicity and Reliability (more)
February 9, 2009Combine the Signals from Multiple Monitors onto a Single Control Panel (more)

2008 News Releases
December 1, 2008Epiphan Systems unveils VGA2Ethernet frame grabber (more)
May 28, 2008Epiphan Systems releases improved KVM2USB device (more)
May 7, 2008Epiphan Systems named Second Fastest Growing Company in Ottawa (more)
March 3, 2008Rackmount Version of VGA2USB Announced (more)
February 11, 2008New look for VGA2USB LR (more)
January 15, 2008Epiphan Systems announces two new products (more)

2007 News Releases
December 25, 2007New look for VGA2USB and KVM2USB products (more)
September 20, 2007University of Toronto chooses Epiphan Systems' VGA2USB for their ePresence v4.0 and Media Portal (more)
September 10, 2007Epiphan Systems' DVI2USB Featured in iXBT Russia Magazine (more)
September 5, 2007Epiphan Systems launches Windows Vista support for VGA2USB PRO (more)
August 22, 2007ePresence Presenter incorporates Epiphan technology to offer users high-quality online presentations (more)
May 1, 2007Epiphan Systems Releases VGA2USB LR External Compact Frame Grabber (more)
April 20, 2007Career Coaching Company Expands Business with VGA2WEB (more)
April 9, 2007Epiphan Systems Inc. Secures Optimus Inventory (more)

2006 News Releases
December 20, 2006IT Consulting Company Enhances Technical Writing With Epiphan System’s VGA2USB (more)
November 1, 2006Scanner Manufacturer Improves Corporate Training with Epiphan’s VGA2USB (more)
October 26, 2006Global Outsourced Information Provider Reaches Around the World With Epiphan Systems Solution (more)
October 23, 2006National Research Council Canada Improves Online Collaboration with VGA2WEB (more)
October 7, 2006Vehicle Tracking - Marcus Kingma (more)
October 3, 2006CarPointer 15 Countries in 24 Hours (more)
August 15, 2006St. Petersburg Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute Monitors Radar Using Epiphan’s VGA2USB (more)
July 23, 2006Bayer HealthCare LLC Uses VGA2USB for Training Solution (more)
June 19, 2006Mediphan Launches Products for Remote Medical Guidance, Diagnosis, and Study (more)
May 23, 2006Henry Ford Health Services Uses VGA2USB and VGA2WEB for Diagnostic Image Capture (more)
February 14, 2006GE Healthcare uses VGA2WEB for remote diagnosis solution (more)

2005 News Releases
March 30, 2005Epiphan Systems Launches VGA Recorder PRO - Full Audio/Visual archiving and storage system (more)
January 23, 2005Epiphan Systems Launches VGA Recorder - Visual Data archiving and storage system (more)

2004 News Releases
December 5, 2004Epiphan Systems Signs Duocom as Web Conferencing Dealer in Canada (more)
November 8, 2004Epiphan Systems Adds Experienced Management to Executive Team (more)
November 1, 2004Epiphan Systems releases the latest drivers for VGA2USB product (more)
September 22, 2004Epiphan Systems Adds Voice to Instant Web Conferencing Solution (more)
September 21, 2004Epiphan Systems Adds Voice to Instant Web Conferencing Solution (more)
April 19, 2004Epiphan Systems President Selected for Ottawa's Forty Under 40 Award (more)
March 9, 2004 Epiphan Systems to Demonstrate VGA2Web at CeBIT 2004 (more)
March 2, 2004Epiphan Systems and Nimble Microsystems Partner to Deliver Convenient, Cost-Effective Web Broadcast Solution (more)

2003 News Releases
December 15, 2003Epiphan Systems Launches VGA2WEB Web-Based Presentation Product (more)
March 4, 2003Ottawa Business TV Features Epiphan Systems (more)